Well – today the boys are all going to get their eyes checked.  It’s time to start doing that regularly – as Matthew and I both wear glasses….let’s just say they are probably doomed!  At this point, they are still of the mindset that glasses are cool.  We’ll see how they feel after having to actually wear them for awhile!

I thought I would pop in and get another digital freebie out there before we head out.  So this is Day 1 of the Acrylics.  I have several Acrylic offerings for you – this one is a mess of bits and pieces.  Just a hodge podge of various acrylic shapes.  I’ve also got frames and an alpha coming later this week.  I hope you can use them!

Acrylic Bits:


Please do not share the link – you can refer others here to download it themselves, but do not share the link directly, thank you!


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