Welcome to another Sunday edition of “Stuff I Like”.  You can find all the previous editions {here}. It’s been awhile since I did one of these, so I actually have a few to post!  So look for them over the next few Sundays!  Today I want to talk about the kraft knife ever!  And the best part – it’s totally cheap!

Tim Holtz Retractable Knife

So I have used a few different brands of craft knives over the years.  Before this one, I used the SU version.  While it is nice – it has a terrible case.  I’m forever losing the lid, the blade is *out there* without the little tube thingy it comes in, etc etc.

Well, the other day I picked up one of these to give it a whirl.  The retractable option is what attracted me originally.  And it will NOT disappoint you!  It is a really nice size, it’s light, it is FULLY retractable, and the blade is quite small.

Why do those things matter?

I’ve had issues in the past with wanting to cut something very small and not being able to get in there with the kraft knife I had at the time.  This knife has a small blade that is easy to get into even the tiniest of spaces!  It’s really sharp and just cuts the smallest things!  I love that!

The retractable part really speaks for itself.  I don’t have to fret if I can’t find the lid because you can retract the blade and then the sharp point isn’t just sitting out there.  This is great in case one of my boys wanders into my craft room – they won’t see a shiny, sharp object lying out!

And since a picture is worth a thousand words – I’ll just share one!  I cut the key out with this craft knife – it’s a tiny key, and it was NO problem with this little gadget!

Where to get one:

Gina K Designs: and the best part – they are under $5!