1001 posts!

Since I didn’t realize that my last post was my 1,000th post, I’ll just celebrate 1001!  I can’t believe I have been at this for that long!  Hmm….perhaps I should give away something!  Yep, I think I will!  But it will be a mystery!  Mostly cause I don’t have time at the moment to take a photo and post it…..so it’ll be a mystery prize!

I’ll have more on that later…first the stuff I was originally going to post today before I saw the post number!  A few more Bento lunch photos…..we got bands for their boxes and also these cute little bottles to keep dressings in.  It’s a perfect amount of salad dressing!  I also cut some mini shapes in cheese and cumbers lately – I think it’s kinda cute!


These contain salad, cucumbers, pineapple, roast beef and turkey roll-ups, cheese, baby carrots, jello jigglers, coconut cashews, almonds, pretzels, salad dressing, ranch, mini candy bars and cantelope.


Another recent Bento – gogurt, swiss cheese sticks, chocolate bar, coconut cashews, grapes, bell peppers, and turkey and swiss roll-ups.


And how they look with the bands holding them together – much classier than rubber bands!  I also use that top section to put a napkin in…

And also a card!  This was one we did at my last card class.  I love this cardstock shade from PTI – and at how easy these stamps are to line up for making backgrounds.


supplies: Background Basics: Stars by PTI; sentiment from A Muse; Pure Luxury White Cardstock Pure White in layering and base weights; tag trio dies; Enchanted Evening cardstock, ink and ribbon; Vintage Touch ink; corner rounder; and dimensionals.

So back to that giveaway!  To celebrate 1001 posts – I’ve got a Mystery Prize!  I promise it’s fabulous too!  Want to know how to win?

Here’s how!

1. Leave a comment here on this post and tell me what your favorite lunch box item was! (not something from one of my lunches – but your lunches!)

2. This post closes at 10:00 PM, CST – Tuesday, November 13th.

3. I will use the Random Number Generator to choose a winner!


89 comments to 1001 posts!

  • Marisa

    These Bento boxes are great1 Congrats on the 1001 posts and a chance to win. Time flies by, doesn’t it?!!! As per lunches, pretzels and home made cookies were always a hit.

  • Carollee

    I love seeing your bento ideas, they always give me a ton of ideas. My daughter found out that her father was half Japanese and half black and then decided that she would not eat anything if it was not in a bento box. Thank God we have Japan town close by and I got a dinner sized one and a Hello Kitty lunch one, but it was a challenge. She was 3 then, 5 years later she sill likes her Hello Kitty bento but it isn’t as cool to bring to school. Maybe if I fill it with some of your suggestions. Well, congrats on 1001! And please keep posting the bento ideas. I love them!

  • Kim L.

    Yum…pickles! My mom used to wrap pickle slices separately from my sandwich (so the sandwich wouldn’t get mushy from pickle juice!).
    Congrats on the 1001st!

  • Wendy Leonard

    Congrats on your 1001! My favorite in my lunch would be cantaloupe. I am very sad when it is out of season and not easy to find good ones.

  • Shauna

    Grapes and cookies–homemade cookies were the best!! Sometimes my mom would put soup in my thermos and when I was younger I thought that was so cool! But as I got older it got to be a little embarrassing–bringing lunch in a lunch box was no longer “cool”!!! Thanks for the chance to win some surprises!

  • Julie C.

    Girl, I think you are the school lunchbox queen!! I don’t remember anything in particular that stands out that was in my lunches my mom packed….I just remember that she packed them for us and they always had what she knew we would eat in them!

    Thanks for all 1001 posts!

  • Pam

    DO Twinkies count??? LOL Actually my favorite lunch item now sounds gross to me….I can’t believe I ate it! Cold, leftover Baked Bean sandwich!

  • Right now ALL the bento boxes look wonderful since I have not yet had breakfast! Congrats on 1001 posts—that is a sizable number of posts!

    Keep up the great work and inspiring me!

  • Doris D.

    In the 60’s my mother packed me one tuna fish sandwich which she put in a brown paper bag and I laid it flat on my books to take to school. It lasted until lunch. Not today!!!

  • I love your bentos! My favorite lunch item is anything sweet! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Karrie

    I think the coconut chashews look good, I’d like to try them. and of course anything chocolate gets my vote.

  • Congrats on so many posts!!! I mostly had school lunches while in school and my favorite lunch was trukeyw/ mashed potatoes and gravy. Your lunches look so yummy I sure they would be high on my list of faves.

  • I really want to talk about the lunches YOU fix; I’m just amazed at what variety there is – I love that!

    I don’t recall EVER taking my lunch – seriously. So I’ll tell you my favorite school lunch – chili & cinnamon rolls, yum, yum!!

    Thanks for the chance to win; congrats on 1,001 posts!

  • Tricia Dee

    Congratulations on 1001 posts! My favorite lunch is grilled chicken and arugula salad.

  • What great snacks & lunches. I had to take lunches for several years in school. My favorite item was Lays potato chips to go with my sandwiches. I’m a junk food junkie! hehe! My mom always made her bread and it was so delicious. I loved meatloaf sandwiches too. Oh great, now you are making my mouth water. Thanks! 😉

  • Jeanette

    Congrats! I love looking at the pictures that you posted for Bento lunch. I like making California Roll (sushi) , my so-called homemade Lunchable with cheese, crackers, deli meat, cucumber, carrots, and a piece of candy. Thanks for posting those pictures.

  • HighDesertGal

    When I was a girl….a long time ago now my favorite treat was a twinkie because my mom hardly ever bought them. Ah, are twinkies still as bad for your “diet” as they were in the 60’s?

  • Rebecca ednie

    I used to love getting sandwiches made with raisin bread, spread with cream cheese, honey and chopped almonds. Yum!!

  • I love it. We bento here at my house. I forgot your sister is in bentoland….

  • Sara S

    My favorite thing in my lunch was the dessert, whether it be Halloween candy, or cookies… mmmm

  • Misti

    I was homeschooled most of my school years, but my favorite thing would have been the chocolate chip cookies that my mom included. Forget about the other stuff, just give me dessert!!! LOL!

  • My favorite thing in my lunch boxes when I was growing up was leftover homemade pizza. You know the Chef Boyardee kind. Loved it. I still fight my kids over who gets it. Still love it for breakfast too. What can I say I’m a kid at heart.

    Congrats on your 1001st post!

  • Sally

    My daughter would say her favorite item in her lunches is the lock&lock square of salsa, and bag ful of tostito chips. I usually pair it with tuna salad, blocks of cheese or babybel.
    My son likes roast beef & cheddar paninis, salad, and a granola or energy bar. He runs cross country and burns lots of lunchtime calories.

  • Beverly

    Congrats on 1,001! Love all your creativity, whether it’s cards, an altered project or lunch boxes! My favorite item was chips. It wasn’t something we had all the time growing up.

  • Vanessa G.

    I love the Bento Box idea… I only just had my first but *hopefully* will remember to try it out in 5 years! Favorite lunch box item… Cheese Strings (or any piece of cheese), Cheese Strings are so much fun, still! 🙂

  • Paula

    Hi Emily,
    My boys would have loved lunches like these. I’m sure I would have been making Bento lunches! Occasionally my Mom would give us Fritos in our lunch. It wasn’t very often, but it sure was a special treat when she did.
    Congratulations on post 1001!

  • my fav was always a little debbie: oatmeal pie. i still love them.

  • Karen Kellenberger

    My favorite lunch was anytime I could eat at school for hot lunch. I was only allowed to do that a few times a year, so that was always a treat. Congratulations on your post milestone! I always enjoy seeing your cards.

  • Crafty Math Chick

    Such yummy and healthy lunches! I used to love getting Little Cebbie Swiis rolls in my lunchbox when I was a kid. Thanks for the chance to win! Happy 1001!!

  • Becky P.

    I loved having grapes in my lunch! It was such a treat to have them in there. (We’d usually eat them before they have a chance to make the lunch box!!)

    Happy 1001 posts!

  • Emily, that is so cool that you’re able to give your kids such healthy lunches. Mine usually got pb&j with maybe a pickle or carrot stick or applesauce. My own favorite – I think it’s been too long ago to remember. We went home for lunch in elementary. And we had to make our own lunches in high school, so it was either pb or cold cut sandwiches.

  • Mary

    Congrats on 1001 posts. I loved the occasional Twinkie in my lunches.

  • Hi! I love your bentos!! I lived in Japan for many years and how I loved them!!
    I was cleaning my laundry room and found my son’s bentobako with matching set of silverware. so so cute! Of course they had the Japanese rice, we made riceballs and some kind of teriyaki chicken, or the kara-age (fried chicken meat only) and cukes cut in triangular shapes (sprinkled salt and let some of the water to drain and makes them cruncyand yummy as well. this also prevents the cukes to make other things wet. but i bet the kids loved these bentos!! They look sooo oyummy!!!!

    Love your card too! I have the background 1 and 2 but haven’t ventured on using them to make a background yet.

  • Julie Hughes

    Emily, i love your bentos. I don’t have the boxes, but have been sending in snippits of things in small glad containers and first year containers, and the girls actually eat more. Thanks. My favorite to send with the girls is yogurt (either Gogurt style or in a cup) My new tip is that my DD can read so I write a note in dry erase on the container and tell her to “eat me first” if there is something that I definitely want her to eat. It works. OK so she is only 7 but hey , I’ll take it.

  • Lori A.

    Congratulations!! My favorite lunch box items are a good ‘ole pb&j sandwich and baked lays. 🙂

  • Gloria Westerman

    Congratulations Emily on 1001!!!!!!!Horray……..
    My favorite was ham and cheese. With Lay’s potatoes chips.

  • A ham and cheese sandwich with chips! Congrats!!!

  • Kristin Green

    My favorite as a kid was carrots and ranch dip. Like my PBJs as well… still do! I love your lunches they are so fun!

  • My favourite lunch box item is a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and a banana inside. Sometimes I add some Fiber One to make it a little crunchy! Quick and yummy!

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