**UPDATED** I got a new card and card reader so here is my post WITH card!  No sign of the old one….so sad.

So I have a lovely card and story for you….but I can’t show the card.  I have misplaced the card reader for my camera….with my card in it!  I am just heartbroken about the hundreds of photos I have on that card that I hadn’t downloaded.  I have always heard stories of people having this happen or having their card erased.  I thought, nah – that’ll never happen to me!  YES IT DID!  So please please PLEASE – download your photos OFTEN!  Even if you don’t edit them or whatever right away!

For now I will just tell my story and show my book…..and you can just imagine the card.  I’ll get a new card tomorrow and take a photo and load it as soon as I can.  Unless (insert lots of prayers here!) I find the card and then I’ll do it right away!

My boys have always loved Sandra Boynton books.  They are so cute and funny.  I love them!  The Belly Button Book, But Not The Hippopotomas, and Barnyard Dance were some of our faves.  However, Andy adored Dinosaur’s Binkit.  We read it EVERY night.  So much that it literally fell apart.  Andy had a favorite blanket….and when he first started saying blanket to ask for it – he called it “Binkit”.  Well….it actually came out rhyming with the word “witch (which my mother had a field day with!! Thank you for that Mom!).   It was a funny 2 months until he learned to say it correctly!

Here is the book we loved:

And my card….well, just image a card made with Nina Brackett’s Nana’s Needlework stamp set…kind of primary colored with some Graphic 45 papers.  This is in honor of a baby quilt a friend made for Andy.  We still have it in their toy room.


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