I found this card on my desk and realized that I had shared it during the release party 2 months ago, but never put it up here!  And it is definitely one of my favorites – Daffodils are my all-time favorite flower.  They are near impossible to get here in Texas.  Because it is so hot here, they only bloom for a very short time and then they are gone!  Matthew always tries to find them for my birthday in mid-April, but they are never around then! He gets points for looking though!  I think the year he was in Iraq last time he did manage to get a florist to deliver some – they didn’t even do bouquets of them, so it was just a few bundles of them!  I loved them though!

I am really not sure why I like them so much, perhaps because they are just so bright and yellow and cheerful….I don’t know.  But I always have!  Theresa Momber’s Daffodils in Sending Sunshine are just gorgeous for coloring.  I colored these with a niji waterbrush, reinkers and watercolor paper – and I am so happy with how they turned out!


See – bright, cheery – they just  make me smile!