So most of you have read about {HERE} my love of Peppermint Mocha drinks from Starbucks as well as the Peppermint Mocha creamer that comes out every year around the holidays. A reader once suggested buying a bunch and freezing it – which prompted my husband to buy all 23 containers that Kroger had put on clearance one January. Yes he got a lot of strange looks when he called me from the store to ask how many he should buy and then proceeded to load the car with ALL of them….gosh I love him!

IT IS NOW OUT ALL YEAR ROUND!!! See – life is wonderful!


6 comments to Life is WONDERFUL!

  • What a wonderful husband you have! We like the vanilla caramel creamer. M-m-m!

  • Kim L.

    I have NEVER seen that flavor before, but now, thanks to you, I will be stalking the creamer section during the holidays!

  • emily

    That is the bestest flavoured creamer…ever!!! :o) Unfortunately they don’t sell it in Canada so I have had to buy as much as possible whenever I got to go cross border shopping in the month before Christmas. I am so excited I can now get it year round!!! Yea!!!
    BTW, have you ever tried it in your hot chocolate???? Takes it to a whole new level!!!

  • aisling

    I feel the exact same way. Everything you said. Mmmm Peppermint mocha.

  • Terri

    Mmm, yumm! I love peppermint, especially in my hot chocolate. I live in Canada and have never seen this flavour. I will definitely find out. Thanks also for the tip, I didn’t know you could freeze it. How long can it be frozen for?

    Ter 😉

  • Suzanne

    They’ve changed this to a year around flavor now. In case you run out of your stock.

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