Yep – I am finally getting out of Texas!  For those of you that have known me long – you know I have a love/hate relationship with the state.  I hate the heat and the allergies, but I love wearing flip flops 10 months out of the year!

Anyway – Matthew has returned to active duty in the military and we are relocating to a new base.  So if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t participated in Gina K’s releases lately – that’s why!  All my stuff is in boxes at the moment.

We have arrived safe and sound in Virginia – we are about 30 minutes south of Washington, DC.  It’s beautiful out here!  I love sitting outside watching the boys play at the park and NOT SWEATING buckets!!

We’ve found a house to rent and we will get our boxes next week.  So I will still be in and out for awhile yet.  I do have some cards to share that I did for the last two classes I squeezed in before we left Texas.  I had a great group of ladies that came to card classes there and I will greatly miss those nights.  And those ladies!

Stay tuned for some class cards over the next few days – they are a bit on the simpler side as to be doable in a class setting.  I hope you are all off to a lovely fall!


18 comments to MOVING!!

  • Kacey

    Congratulations! That’s a big move! Well we are just a hop, skip, and a jump from where you are, just South of Richmond. But we lived up in Northern VA for a while so I know the area well if you should need anything. There is a nice scrap store in Fredericksburg ;-P As for the sweating buckets…well let’s just say you moved here at the right time of year… wait til May 🙂 The Fall is beautiful though! Enjoy and welcome to VA!

  • Melissa F.

    Welcome to Virginia. I’m in Stafford which is probably a little farther south from DC than you are. The fall is beautiful here but the summers can still be pretty hot and humid.

  • I live in Fredericksburg! Welcome to VA! (We moved here from FL in ’06.) If you are looking for some fellow military moms in this area, feel free to email me. I LOVE your blog!!

  • Jane Somerville

    Good luck in your new home. We pass through Virginia a few times a year on our way to South Carolina. It is beautiful.

  • Carolyn

    Congratulations on your move! I have been in Texas for the last 21 years and you aren’t kidding about the Love/Hate Relationship of being in this state. I though am originally from NJ and am glad to be away from the cold so I put up with the heat. Good luck and enjoy beautiful Virginia!

  • Jessie

    Welcome to the east coast! I live just south in NC and love the area!!

  • Maria Hover

    Glad the move went well! Looking forward to seeing your awesome creations again when you are settled!

  • Queen Mary

    Well Em, now you must be about 10 minutes from my house! I work in town and live 10 miles from Metro Center in VA. I’m actually a native and DH teaches elementary school (in Fairfax County). Check out Angela’s Stamps! I’m sure she’d love to have you — Herndon I think.

  • Elena

    Welcome to the area, Emily! We’re lucky to be getting you. I’m partial to actual seasons and weather changes, so VA suits me well, even though I can’t wear flip-flops all year. 🙂 –Elena

  • Melanie Muenchinger

    enjoy your new state and home!

  • Cindy Linthicum

    Welcome to the East Coast! I’m in Baltimore – not too far from you. I hope you enjoy the fall season that is quickly approaching. Love your work!

  • Jenn

    Emily – Welcome to Virginia! I’m also in Stafford (like Melissa F.). It sounds like you have some readers in this neck of the woods (me, Melissa F., Kelly B. Queen Mary and Elena), so if you’d like to get together sometime with some fellow stampers, I’d be happy to host the get-together at my place!

  • I’m in Maryland and just wanted to say Welcome to the DC metro area!

  • Carolyn

    Emily, welcome to Virginia. I relocated from New York City 6 years ago and now live in Richmond, VA. You’ll definitely like the weather. We get the hot and cold weather.

  • Welcome to the East Coast! I’m in KY, so closer than Texas but still a bit of a drive LOL :o)

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know this is good for you & your family, and I appreciate that and wish you well, indeed.

    But it makes me sad to know that you’re not ‘here’ anymore!! Now it’s back to {{{cyber-hugggss))).


  • Ingrid Rosenberg

    A bit late, but welcome to Northern Virginia from a long-time resident. There’s a lot to like about the state, including Angela’s Happy Stamper in Reston (grin). Enjoy the four seasons and don’t forget to check out the cherry blossoms in the spring; they’re gorgeous! Happy stamping. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Ack, congratulations on moving out of allergy territory! Me and Amanda were already complaining about the cedar the other day. BTW she just had a baby as well. A little boy. I hope y’all are getting all settled in. Have fun exploring a new area, I hear it’s gorgeous out there!!!

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