So the Stamp Room was one of the last places to get unpacked and put together here.  But it’s finally looking pretty good.  Well – parts of it are!  I thought I’d do a little update on how it looks now – mostly cause I love seeing other stamp spaces.  I get lots of ideas about what I want to do that way!

Here goes!

My Desk

This is my space.  Where I sit when I work and all the things that are at my fingertips.  And my pretty new TV!  I had a little 13 inch VCR combo unit before (that the VCR didn’t even work on) and I got upgraded to a 19 inch LCD!  Yay!  I also got 3 of those Ikea lamps you can see  in this shot – they were only $7 and I put my own daylight lightbulbs in them.  They are super bright and it looks like daytime in there even in the middle of the night!  (Now this room is on the front of our house, so it likely freaks our neighbors out – but who cares!)

This is the other half of my table…’s a mess!  I am going to mount the ribbon racks so I have a better area to work with.  Until then – it’s just a collection table of hodge podge.

Paper Storage

First I have the same tub I have always had my SU papers in.  I used file folders to label the colors and they are in alphabetical order.

And then I just got {this rack} from Office Depot for $35.  It’s fabulous!  I have my Gina K papers in the front in hanging files.  I found these great tabs that you can attach them to for labeling – this way they stick up higher and I can still label them with my color squares I punched out so it’s easier to see what color is in that folder.

Sewing Table

This is where my sewing machine, Cricut, etc is stored.  It’s also a bit of a collection area right now because I haven’t set any of that up yet.

Piles of Junk

Not really!  But it is piles of stuff!  All my GKD stamp cases, papers, etc.  I am looking for a skinny tall bookcase to put between those two windows so I can put all my stamp cases on there.  With spine labels by illustrator.  So perhaps someday this will actually happen.  Until then….piles.

And here’s the really bad part.  See, Matthew had surprised me once by putting these fantastic shelves in the closet of my old stamp room.  You can see them {here}.  But now…..I have a nice deep closet……with ONE shelf.  And I really don’t want to spend $200 on shelves that we can’t take with us.  It’s a rental – we won’t be here more than 2 or 3 years.  But I have nowhere to put this stuff.  And I had a great system of alterables, albums, mailing supplies, etc in my old shelved closet.  This is where all that stuff is now……(and if you have any ideas for a more portable solution, please share!  I’d love something we could take with us on moves.)

What the heck do I do with all that?!?  And it’s in the front room across from my stamp room – the one that we have no furniture for (I believe it’s a formal living room, but we have no nice furniture like that!) so it’s just empty aside from those boxes and a rug that is too small for the room.  Nice.

So that’s my new space!  I’ll post more pictures as I get it more organized, but that’s what it looks like for now!  Just functional enough for me to get to work on GKD’s newest release this week!  So stay tuned for lots of sneak peeks this week!