Ok – I think this is the last card I have from the two classes I held in Texas before the big move.  And I saved one of my favorite things for last!  Not that I adore the card so much (I mean, I like it – but it’s a card I’ve essentially done before!), but I tried something new to me and I really like the way it came out!

I purchased several different ribbons from Sharon Johnson over at Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.  It’s a store she hosts through her blog, No Time To Stamp.  One of the ribbons I got in a few colors was the 1″ grosgrain with satin edges.  This ribbon is just GORGEOUS!  I immediately wanted to use it on something when I got it in the mail (and her shipping is super fast!  I am in no way affiliated with Sharon – just a fan of the product I purchased!)  I dug around and found a post where Debbie Olsen had sewn along the bottom edge of the ribbon and then cinched it tightly, bringing the two ends together to make a flower.  I thought this would be fairly simple, so I gave it a try!

I am no seamstress by any stretch of the imagination.  When I sew a button, it usually falls off later.  But even I could do this!  The one thing I didn’t count on – how long it would take to do this for an entire class of people, some of whom were making more than one set of cards!  Needless to say that was not a good plan the night before class….oh well, I think they really liked how it turned out though!  Mine turned out a little less scrunched than Debbie’s flower – but I like it both ways!  So here’s the card we made – and the satin edged grosgrain that became a flower.  You can scroll a little way down the Stamp it Simply Ribbon Store page and find the satin edged 1″ grosgrain ribbon.

pretty cool, huh?  I just adhered it to the card using large glue dots and then popped a little button on top of that!  The panel of the card was stamped with Giga Guide Lines from PTI.