Gina K Sneak Peeks – Day 4!

Today I have two great sets to share with you!  One from Nina Brackett called Gleefully Yours and the other is the Buy 3 Get 1 FREE set – Smile!  These are both great sets – and I am always a sucker for the Free set – it never fails to be awesome!

Now before I get started – I also wanted to say that I have been using the new Grand Caliber machine from Spellbinders for the last few weeks – and man that thing is awesome!  I’ve used the Cuttlebug and the Wizard in the past – and this sucker beats them both!  It us SO SO easy to crank – the Cuttlebug can be a real bear sometimes to crank things though it (you know, when you are afraid you are going to snap a plate!).  The Wizard was great – but NOISY!  Plus I sometimes had to run thick papers, like watercolorpaper, though several times to get a good cut.  Not this baby!  It cuts right through the first time, every time!  Seriously cool!  So if you are in the market for a die cut machine, this one is easy peasy to use!

First up today I have Nina’s set, Gleefully Yours!  Now I am a GLEE fan (the show, that is!) and I thought this was incredibly cute!  I wanted to do something subtle and let the images speak for themselves…..I hope I achieved that!  I used the music notes Cuttlebug folder in the background to go along with the music theme.  Funny enough – I was actually watching the episodes of The Sing-Off I had DVR’d while I made this card – appropriate, huh?!

Next up I had Smile by Gina K Designs.  This is the Buy 3 Get 1 FREE set for this month.  AND I LOVE IT!  I adore the images, so cute and fun – they totally make me smile.  And for once…..and believe me, this is RARE…..I had an idea pop into my head and it worked out just perfectly.  I don’t usually work like that, but it did here.  The entire card took about 10 minutes, which is very unusual for me, I like to agonize over every selection of every detail…….lol!  I hope this makes you smile!

Please be sure to check out the other Design Team Member blogs to see more samples !    And join us over at StampTV for the Release Party on Thursday 7-10pm CST (That is TONIGHT!!!!)


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