I cannot believe what the mailman just brought me!! Seriously, my mouth is hanging open! Do you remember the 100th Color Challenge book that Leigh O’Brien made as a prize? Well, she decided to sell them and took orders through her blog. And she sent me one in the mail today!!! As a “thank you for your inspiration”….um…HELLO?!?! She totally inspires me! Anyway, it’s absolutely gorgeous, THANK YOU LEIGH! Now I’ll have to try to make something amazing as a thank you! Check it out – isn’t it so pretty?!


Ooops! I forgot to answer questions today!

1. Where do you find your ‘best’ inspiration and when you get in a rut, or just don’t feel too creative, where do you turn to get your juices flowing again?

Usually I will flip through my favorited cards on SCS or go to the challenge forum. I can always find something there to spark an idea. Seriously, if you haven’t tried the challenges – do them! I have grown SO much since starting them. At first, they were really really hard for me. But it got easier and easier to think of ways to do whatever the ideas were.

2. What is your favorite current stamp set?

That’s easy! Roses in Winter, hands down.

3. Do your boys like to cut up paper or squeeze out glitter glue along with you?

well, the only one who really makes anything is my oldest. The other two like it alright when we do things for VSN or for grandparents or whatever. But they don’t seem too interested in doing it on their own. Although my middle son LOVES to use the cutter. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s on things I just made!

4. Do you scrapbook? Are you going to participate in VSBN?

I only scrap under duress. I mean, I love having the memories. But I don’t like to do it. I am going to try out the digiscrapping and see if I like that better. But if I am at home – I wanna make cards or projects. I have to make myself scrap.