Help.  I have a problem.

I am addicted to 6×6 (or 8×8) patterned paper pads.

I do not spend much money (very very little) on stamps.  I tend to buy a few I like and use them a lot.

I make up for that by buying TONS of paper pads.  I just love them.  And I feel the need to go through each and every one to choose just the right paper for what I am making.  While the end result is great – it is stupidly time consuming.

This is my current stash.  See!  It is an addiction!

Though I suppose it is better than some – I mean I do actually use the paper all the time.  I have no fear of cutting into a new pad or anything like that.  I just love choices I guess!

So what crafty thing are you addicted to?

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