So I have mentioned many times my super amazing sister, Kimberly Geswein, and her freaky deaky awesome font work.  Her font blog can be found {HERE}, font Facebook {HERE}, downloadable fonts {HERE} and {HERE}.  Well – I have done a few handwriting samples that she has made into fonts.  My regular everyday handwriting is the basis for Never Let Go:

So the other day I was perusing some stamp sets over at Unity and I noticed that some of the script font work on a few sets looked really familiar.  Like really really familiar.  Cause it was MY handwriting font!  How super cool is that?!?  Here are a few of the sets – mine is the script writing….now I didn’t have anything to do with these sets, I just think it’s really cool!

Bitty Regards

Be Brave Branch Out

{…moment by moment}

Anyway – not at all affiliated with Unity or their illustrators – just thought that was pretty cool!

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