So I am not really sure what flower this is – a poppy?  It’s funny – I adore flower stamps.  But I am the WORST gardener.  And I have no idea what flowers I am using for images.  I just like them!  So please do not ever depend on me to have correct coloring or anything!  Cause I just totally went with whatever I thought looked good!

Anyway, I was playing with this image for another card I posted earlier and decided that the swirly marker effect I had stamped with it would look cool on a Fabriano card.  I happened to have a box of those just sitting on my shelf.  I haven’t used them in ages, but I do love the simple elegance of an image stamped on them topped off with a bit of ribbon.  They just look classy.  So I used the same colors to marker up this image from Insightful Meadows by Unity and added a little ribbon from May Arts.

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