Okay, you have to see this! Don’t look if you get easily offended – although I think it is just FUNNY! Matthew and I saw this last week on a repeat of SNL. We DVR’d it and kept skipping back and watching it again and again. I mean, really – if you have a toddler or have ever seen Dora the Exlporer……watch it! We quote it to each other now. “Can you break a $50?” “Don’t question it, just do it!” Ahh…so so funny. Enjoy!

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  • Sarah Green

    Oh that is just too funny! Did you see the SNL repeat (last week) when Brittany Spears played “Barbie” and found out that Kit was her mom and not her sister?!!

  • laughed my rear end off and ended up sending it to my best friend. Her daughter watches Dora constantly.

    Do you think Robert Blake was innocent? Caught me completely off gurard. Glad the kids weren’t around asking me to explain that one!

  • Kim

    That is too funny! I can’t even wait to show this to my husband, he’s going to die laughing! The long pauses and saying a sentence is 75 languages was too much – thanks for sharing!

  • we LOVE maraca!!! we talk about that skit all the time!

  • Very funny Emily! I haven’t seen that one yet. I hope I’m not the “offended” one you are referring to. 🙂

    Have a good night.

  • saw that on SNL and just about died laughing!

  • Oh my! I have a daughter who absolutely loves Dora and my son loves to watch Diego. I LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF watching this. I can’t wait to show it to my husband, too. I keep trying to watch it, but when my daughter hears the voice, she comes running. I’ll have to finish watching it later!!!

  • Classic! Seeing as how I have a 2 and a 4 year old, we are well acquainted with both Dora and Diego. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Desiree Rose

    Great stuff.. FREE WILL!! LOL

  • My husband and I just watched this, and I LOVE it. I’m praying I have this episode of SNL on tivo. My favorite quote from this skit is not repeatable… I’ll leave it with “get on your stomach!” HA! Too funny.

  • This is hilarious. My husband and I were laughing so hard!

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