So I have a little bit of a washi tape addiction.  Adam (my youngest) is a terrible enabler.  He loves it as well.  He really enjoys crafting with me and it’s an easy to use item for kids.  I needed a bunch of thank you’s, happy birthday’s, etc to build up my stash a bit so I used a simple design.  It was excellent as it used up 3 things I tend to hoard – buttons, flowers and washi tape!  Here are several of the versions I came up with: (all sentiments from A Muse)

Adam had his own version that he stocked up on.  He said his birthday is coming up and he would need thank you’s to send out.  (He even puts a little tape inside the card for extra design.  He was quite proud of that.)

I have some more we did while playing with washi tape for tomorrow!

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