What kind of flower is this? **update**

Can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is?


They are in front of our house and I really like the. I mean, if even I can’t kill it – it’s one STURDY flower! I even kill mint! Anyway, I’d like to get some more and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of flower it is. They come up every spring on their own and last several months. Thanks!

**Update**  Thank you for all the suggestions!  I think I have it figured out.  It is most definitely an Asiatic Lily.  There are two types I think look the most similar.  The first is the red in this Jewel Asiatic Mixture.  The second is Nerone Asiatic Lily.  So THANK YOU for helping me figure it out!  Now I can buy some more for planting in the fall!  Sure beats the silk daffodils I have in the pot on the front porch, lol!

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  • Jen B

    Asiatic Lillies – we have a bunch in our yard that bloom pink and orange. They’re gorgeous!

  • Shannan

    I’m pretty sure it’s an asian lily. They start from a bulb and will come back every year. I actually have some coming up in my yard too.

  • Kelly S

    It is a lilly, asiatic I think, but don’t quote me on that. I have them in my flower beds up here in Alberta and as it is a perennial, it’ll come back year after year…and usually multiply too! They are just starting to come up here where I’m from, but they are very pretty!!

    Kelly S in

  • kauai17-kim

    Wow those are gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Linda (LSN on SCS)

    My mom would call this a Daylily! At least we’re all being consistent on the Lily thing. Check out Brecks.com or Springhill.com. Lots of great Lilies are offered by both companies.


  • Lori

    They look like my Tiger Lily’s, but mine have black spots. Beautiful flowers!!!

  • Desiree Rose

    seconding the day lily! Brecks.com is great!!

  • Pam R

    Definitely a Lily! You can tell by the leaves on the stalk and the shape of the flower’s petals.
    Love them! And I named my DD Lily!

  • Looks like a tiger lily to me! Beautiful!

  • Ara

    It’s a Lily for sure!! Whether it is a day, tiger or asian, I guess you’ll have to find out some how. Gorgeous!! I have a few orange ones in my yard, they aren’t even close to blooming though….enjoy, they don’t last long 🙂

  • jackie

    Definately a daylily. I did a google search and fact that this has 6 petals and 6 stamens defines it as a daylily. I have the same one in my garden. Here is a link for tiger lily, but your plant foliage looks different than the tiger lily http://www.gardenersnet.com/bulbs/tigerlily.htm.

  • They are lillies — but not day lillies. Probably asiatic or tiger lillies. They will last a whole lot longer than day lillies. They usually bloom all spring, into early summer. Unless the deer eat the flowers off like they did on mine:(

  • Amy G.

    I have those lilies in my yard here in Alberta Canada. They need to be pretty hardy flowers to survive here, so it’s no wonder you can’t kill them 🙂
    They’re beautiful!

  • kathy

    Its an asiatic lily and you can get them in all sorts of colors. you could even get rubrum lillies or commonly known as stargazers and they are very fragrant and so beao one can kill themutiful. and n

  • jackie

    oK, here’s another website to check out under asiatic lilies. This one might be it. The foliage looks right.

  • jackie

    oK, here’s another website to check out under asiatic lilies. This one might be it. The foliage looks right. http://bloom.co.nz/shop/product_info.php?products_id=47 . sorry, forgot to put the web address in the last post

  • Jan Marie

    This is definitely and Asiatic Lilly. The family is quite large and has several different forms. Yes they grow from bulbs and produce new little ones, though not like daffodils. The bulbls look like flowers themselves….the small petal each has the potential to form a new plant. These plants are very fragant!!!! Casablanca (huge white blooms) and Stargazars (pink and redish color blooms) are very popular both with the home gardner and florist as well. They can be purchased in blooming pots or as cut flowers. The plants usually blooms only once each year. The bulbs can be long lived and a very adapaptable to most climates…..I have them here in Pensacola, FL. Some of the family is upright like yours and others grow much tallers and the flowers hang down and look like trumpets (Trumpet lillies). Day Lillies on the other hand develop from rizhones, here in the deep south they are evergreen. The bloom on a day lilly looks similar but grows on a long arching stems, It may have several blooms, but each last only for a day!
    I hope this helped all of you….and it may have been more than you wanted to know but hthis older stampers has been a Master Gardener in Florida for the last ten years.
    The catalogs that many of you referred to in your comments are good places to look for colors of plants when you are doing your cards.
    Hoped this helped.
    {{{Rubber Hugs}}}}
    Jan Marie aka “flourishes”
    Stamping in the Sugar White Sands of Pensacola, FL

  • Shelley ~ photocropper

    Beautiful!! There are hundreds of different kinds of lily’s. My Cousins Grandmother has a Lily farm and she gave the the catalog a few years back and I was amazed! Lily’s are fairly easy to grow and come back every year. If you get something like a “Daylily” the foliage will last a lot longer and looks nice too.

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