How about some Blog Goodies?!

So Ginak announced the total amount raised for Autism Speaks on her blog. She has a photo of a check for $3680!!! That is so awesome! As a Thank You to all the kind stampers that bought the Love You To Pieces stamp set, she is giving away a GIGA Scalloped Oval Punch! Could she be any nicer?!? Oh! And this set is not retiring, you will be able to purchase it indefinitely. And she will continue to send Autism Speaks $8 for each set sold!

And I thought I would do a little blog goody today as well! I am often overwhelmed by the kindness of my fellow stampers. Maybe it’s because we like to make cards – which essentially means we must like to send them – but overall, we’re a pretty friendly bunch. I have seen amazing stories of generosity on SCS. So this little Blog Goody is my Thank You to all of you for your generosity.


This prize includes several of my favorite things. There are several tiny stamps, a clear flourish-y stamp, Mono Aqua (I actually use Mono Multi, but some people like this kind too!), The Paper Studio assorted metallic mini brads (I use these all the time!), one of those little snap together boxes from Target (these work for storing those small cuttlebug dies!), and of course – a Making Memories paper piercer! And here’s the rules!

1. Post a comment on this post telling me something nice someone (preferably a fellow stamper) has done for you! (no, you do not have to subscribe, I don’t care how you get to my blog – just leave a comment on this post to enter!)

2. This contest will end on Tuesday, May 8th at 9pm CST.

3. A winner will be chosen using a random number generator and posted Tuesday night.

So Good Luck!! I’ve got a class in about 30 minutes (making those books) and tomorrow I am going to share a NEW CHALLENGE! It’s a personal challenge, but I would welcome any and all who would like to participate with me!

160 comments to How about some Blog Goodies?!

  • Courtney Baker

    My friend Janet, that got me involved with a stampin group here in my town, has been so sweet to me. To help me get started she gave me $100 and SU! cat. to buy whatever my little heart desired. Now how nice is that?

  • Jennifer C

    Can I just copy what Sharron wrote? I also have two wonderful neighbors that are responsible for my getting into scrapbooking/stamping/cardmaking. They are a great souce of inspiration and a great souce to borrow from! We are good enablers!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  • Becky

    A few rounds ago of Dabblin’ demo secret sisters, I had not had a good experience, so the coordinators of the next round gave me the BEST secret sister! Teresa (aka love2bcreative) sent me the most amazing stuff for DDSS. She even sent all her ‘little’ sisters a cute Christmas gift! And I have since paid it forward by (hopefully) being a great big sister for others. 🙂

    Thanks, Emily, for your awesome blog. Yours is one that I read every day like clockwork!

  • My stamp club members are wonderful. One of the ladies mailed me card she made with a note inside telling me how much she appreciates our meetings and what they mean to her. She has 3 boys who are all very ill with different illnesses. Stamp club meetings are her getaway “me” time. She included a gift certificate for a local coffee shop.

    It made me cry to know that I’ve touched her life.

  • Ellen Sutton

    Great Blog and great candy Emily! I love your blog and read it almost every day! I have a friend who doesn’t have any children and she an dmy youngest son will stamp cards and send them back and forth! Kim is so sweet to do this for my son! He loves her cards and loves to stamp cards for her!


  • Soozie4Him

    Right now my mom is in the hospital with pneumonia, and I haven’t stamped lately, so my “something nice” is about the nurses and all the hospital employees who have been SO wonderful to my mom (and to me) this week. Today I “fired” her doctor, so it was an especially hard day and this director of nursing took the time to sit and listen to me and was so kind, I almost started crying !


  • Well, Asela at HopArt Studio taught me to blog!! She was the first blog I really found and she emailed me and answered all my silly questions and led me in the right direction. She even sent me some watermarks so that I could “protect” my picutres. I was overwhelmed by her kindness to a stranger. I still think she is just so awesome.

    Thanks for your great candy. Have a great week!


  • Emily~
    Thank you for sharing here on your blog! You are definitely and inspiration!! I am not a SU! demonstrator, but attend a Super Stampers workshop just about every month. I have really enjoyed getting to know other stampers there, and it’s actually where I heard about SCS!! (but not from my Demonstrator–from the other girls). I just attended my first Stamp Camp last weekend too, and got to meet even more wonderful, very fun stampers. The person I’d like to recognize as being kind is my Demonstrator Bev! Whether it’s my Super Stampers order, or a Mystery Hostess order, she often drops it off on my porch on her way to her mom’s house!! Isn’t that sweet! And it’s always such a nice surprise to find that SU! bag sitting on my porch when I get home!!!
    Shauna in CA

  • buzzy

    There is one person in my life who has had more influence on me than any other. She allows me to be who God created me to be. She is my friend, my mentor, my pastor’s wife and the woman who led me astray into the world of stamps! I could write for days about all she has done for me, but she really is a super hero!

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