SWEETEST thing ever!

My oldest son is almost 7 and is just finishing his first year of school, the First Grade!  Well, his teacher has come to my classes this spring and she mentioned a really cute story he had written.  When I got it out of his backpack the next day – oh my!  It was so so cute!!!  I just had to share it, it’s definitely gonna be framed or something, lol!


The assignment was to draw a flower on the stem and then describe the Special person you will give it to.

Not only did he draw a beautiful flower, the message says “Mommy because she is the prettyist girl in the whole wide world.”


17 comments to SWEETEST thing ever!

  • How absolutely sweet is this??! This one’s a keeper!

  • Leslie Springer

    This is what motherhood is ALL about!!

  • Dawn E.

    This one brings goose bumps to my skin when I read it! What a sweetheart he is!

  • SusanH

    That is so sweet! And he’s an excellent artist!

  • Linda F. Wilson

    This one is worth keeping forever!!

  • Esther

    He’s a real sweetie! One of your wonderful frames would do this justice, you think?! You can start celebrating Mother’s Day all week!

  • Barbara V

    Aww Emily…these are the things that you frame and keep on the wall forever. I have a ton of them on my wall from my now 40-yr.old son!!

  • Simmy

    What a sweet child you have!! That definately has to be framed !!! I have something kind of like that from my daughter that she made in Brownies …. it was a Mothers Day project and it said: “My mom is the best because …. and one of the things she wrote was that I can stamp real good with hardly any smears! ROFL.

  • Jusgottastamp - Karen

    Awwwwww!!!!!!!! What a sweetheart!

  • This is SO sweet. When my son was in first grade he told me he wanted to marry me. I didn’t want to break his heart and tell him he couldn’t so I told him that in this state you have to be 18 to get married and I told him he could ask me again then! At 18 I reminded him about it and we just laughed! Children have such sweet pure hearts.

  • Tammy Katt

    How adorable. Remember the younger years moments, they will help you through the teenage years. My youngest son once drew a picture of an ambulance with a girl with blonde hair flying in the wind. (I work on the ambulance) and he wrote PMS at the top of the paper. LOL Instead of EMS
    and said my mom weighs 102 lbs. LOL Gotta love him for that, just wish it
    was true.

  • Emily, this is so sweet!!! It definitely needs to be framed! 🙂

  • Glen

    Were you in tears or what! That beats hearing for Matthew ANYDAY! I loves it! That is one of the best things about being a MOM. Even on your worst day you are still the best to them!

  • Lori

    That is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! I have pictures of my daughter (now 9 years old) next to our dry erase board with something sweet she wrote about me on it. I can’t remember exactly right now what it said but something to the effect of me being the greatest mommy ever…the misspellings make it just that much sweeter!

  • Okay, I was looking at your blog and this sparked an idea for me. How fun would it be to do a challenge incorporating kids drawings into your cards and artwork? If you would be willing to post a blog asking all your readers and friends to participate and send the results to me, I could publish them in Take Ten or The Stampers’ Sampler (no promises but I think it would be interesting to try a grass-roots challenge). All samples MUST include an element of rubber stamping to qualify for publication, but other than that, the sky is the limit.
    If you are interested in spear heading this for me, please feel free. The artwork can be cards, tags, etc. and don’t have to be complicated. Have everyone include the stamp credits and their name and address on each sample. Results can be sent directly to me:
    Jami Petersen, Editor
    22992 Mill Creek
    Suite B
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    Thank you in advance for your time and I hope this will be fun for everyone. The deadline can be August 1, 2007 if anyone is interested.

    Jami Petersen
    Managing Editor
    The Stampers’ Sampler, Take Ten, Haute Handbags, Inspirations, Catch Up, Handcrafted, All Things String

  • Elicia K

    He must have a really great teacher!! 🙂 Just kidding!

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