I can’t get to my card reader for my camera at the moment, so I’ll just answer some questions. I promise ultra cool pics of stuff later tonight!

Also, I’ve decided to use keywords for the patterned paper challenge. SO, this week would be week two and the keywords are OSC2 (One Sheet Challenge 2). If you are participating, feel free to use the keywords on your own challenges as well. It’s so cool to see what all you can make with just one sheet of patterned paper! I have re-coded all my previous uploads to have the keywords in them. So now, when you click on something in my SCS gallery, you can click the keywords and everything made with that sheet will show up.

And now for some questions answered! I *might* finish all 200 questions by the end of May….

1. I’d like to know how you come up with ideas for your cards. I usually see one that someone else did then put my own spin on it.

Isn’t that what I do?!?! I usually try to start with a challenge or an element that I want to try or include and go from there. I just try to see what seems to work for me and use it. I used to go to the gallery every day and view EVERY new upload. Now that it is impossible! But I try to get in there and see stuff every once in awhile. There’s just too much on there and I am way too busy these days.

2. what’s your favorite thing about living in Texas??

This is a funny question to me. The main reason: I don’t really like Texas! It is freaky-deaky hot! My allergies are OUT OF CONTROL here. I sunburn SO easily. I have way way more freckles now.

I do love being able to wear flip-flops about 9 mos out of the year. And when it is so hot all the time – ice cream just seems to be a must a lot more often! I have a huge weakness for chocolate ice cream – the more fudgey, chocolatey goodness the better! But please hold those nuts!! (I still remember when my OB – this was with Andy, my first – said that perhaps I should try limiting my chocolate ice cream cones to once a week when I had gained too much weight one month. My thought was maybe I should only have one a DAY!!!)

3. How often do you stamp?

I’d say about 5 days a week I stamp or work on some type of project. Lately it’s been almost 7 days a week. The one thing I love love love about blogging – it sure makes me get in here more often!

4. If you had to pick just one stamp set, one ABC set and 3 colors to take with you on a deserted island to stamp your SOS letter with which ones would it be?

Hmm….Roses In Winter, Doodle Alphabet, cool caribbean, basic black, white.

5. What was your very first experience stamping? Do you remember and can you share it with us?

Sure I remember it! Kimberly had been stamping for roughly a year and I had flipped through the catalog a few times, always saying “This is cute, but I could buy this at Hallmark.” (**I know!**)

Then just two months after I had my youngest son, she showed up for a weekend at our house and brought card stuff. She had designed a few cards using one set and a handful of colors. We made them all and I was hooked! You can read more about how I got started in this post.

6. Do you have time to stamp for fun or do you feel like everything has a deadline?

Yes, basically everything I do is for fun. I have two design teams, but they are images I love to work with so it isn’t really ‘work’ to me. I only pursue ‘jobs’ like that if they are something I will honestly enjoy working with. I do have a list of projects in the back of my mind that I just never seem to get to, but it’s only because I am a terrible procrastinator and if I don’t have a deadline – I just don’t get to it, lol! I don’t submit to publications because I just don’t see that as fun. That’s making something that won’t be used and it’s more like work to me. That’s not what I am in this for. I just like to play with stuff!