Mother’s Day Gifts and cleaning tip…

I have two things for you this fine Saturday morning.  I know I said last night….but we got home really late!  So here they are bright and early this morning!


These are frames I made using coasters and hardware hinges. I made them for my Mom, dh’s stepmom, my stepmom, and two grandmothers.  They all shipped out earlier this week, so they should be there by now!  I used medium weight 4×4 coasters and mod podged the paper I chose on (the opposite side is the other paper I used – so the back is reverse of the front). Then I trimmed the edges extremely close and sanded them with a sanding block.   I sprayed them with Plaid sealant.  Then, using my SU piercing template, I marked holes for the hinges.  I used my crop-a-dial to punch them.  I also marked holes on the ends for the ribbons…..all the frames are different – different papers, different ribbons, and different ribbon placements.  So there was no rhyme or reason to where the holes are placed.  I didn’t want to add to much ribbon – they are all boys!  I trimmed their wallet photos (pics taken by Kimberly) and matted them on a layer of white.  After sticking the pictures on, I used a ultra fine tip sharpie to write their name and age underneath it.  I think they will like  having these out at work or home – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

And now for a little product info I came across and thought I might share with you.  A few months ago, Ginak sent me a bottle of this stamp cleaner called Ultra Clean.  I already had some other cleaner out so I didn’t really use it right away.  It kinda smells stronger (more chemically) than the SU kind and I was pretty happy with the SU kind anyway – so I set it aside.  Well, the other day I ran out of the other so I grabbed this stuff.  It cleaned the stamps very nicely, but so did my other cleaner.  THEN……..I cleaned stazon off with it.  It came off COMPLETELY!!  Seriously, all traces of stazon removed.  Hmmmm…….the other day my older sister gave me the stamps she had used on her shoebox swap at the Arlington Stamp Day.  She had left these dirty with stazon for over a week.  She didn’t have any stazon remover and after a day of use, they were just too dirty for SU’s cleaner to do any good.  So I brought them home to use my stazon remover on them.

Then I thought……maybe I’ll give this Ultra Clean a try!  Here are my results…..see for yourself.  I used NOTHING other than my stamp n scrub and the Ultra Clean stuff.   And I didn’t scrub that long either!





So you can see for yourself how the cleaner worked.  It is a bit more oily than the SU kind, but that doesn’t make any difference for use or anything.  You can get it here at GinaK’s store. She is also one of the FEW places that carries the 8oz refill bottles.  Also, word is the scalloped punches are BACK IN STOCK there!  Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

11 comments to Mother’s Day Gifts and cleaning tip…

  • Peggy Maier

    What great gifts for Mothers’ Day – I know they’ll be thrilled to get these! Thanks for the update about Gina’s store. I’ll go check it out. Have a blessed Mothers’ Day!

  • Wow! I will have to order some of that. The results are amazing! Cute kids, too!


  • Emily, *love*the coaster frames, and I totally agree about that cleaner–the ebst stuff out there!

  • Julie C.

    Cute, cute, cute….the frames and the little hottie guys!!!! I agree with you about the Ultra Clean. It is the best cleaner on the market. I spray my stampin scrub with it them put a little of SU’s on top for a nice scent and it stays damp for hours….this makes it more economical when you think about it!

  • Vickibee

    love this and know your “moms” will to. Can you tell me how you attached the hinges?….glue, brads, etc?


  • Terri

    Emily, I love your Mother’s Day gifts, they are too darn cute.

  • lesliemommy

    ohhh ahhhh

  • Wow that is amazing Emily. I will have to get some of this. I use stayz on all the time! Thanks for the tip! chris

  • Sheri

    WOW….That’s amazing cleaner! Thank you for sharing! Off to find some hopefully at the LSS!

  • Wow! I have to get some of that cleaner!! It drives me crazy when my rubbah is stained with stazon:)!

  • […] are a few frames I did this week with the coasters. I’ve done these before (find them here!), but these were for baby gifts this time. For my SIL, I did then with a mat already on there and […]

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