Stamping Space Sunday: new drawers

Okay, two weeks ago I had a class on Saturday. I sent my husband to Costco with the boys for several reasons. I was out of my Zipfizz, the boys think it’s the best place on Earth because they have samples, and they needed to be out of the house. I had also cleaned out the second table in my room (I have two tables in an L shape) and wanted to make it a ‘tools’ table instead of a spot for someone else to stamp. Since Kimberly doesn’t stamp with me anymore, it was kinda just piling up with junk. I wanted to put out my cuttlebug and bind-it-all, etc so that they would be more accessible. I also wanted to get all the Marvy punches off my table along with several other items that just needed a ‘spot’. So we measured the space under the table and I said if he found something that would fit under there – go ahead and get it and we’ll see if it works or not.


Well, he came home with the exact drawer units I had looked at earlier in the week at Hobby Lobby! I wasn’t sure at the time if they would fit or not. And, at Costco, they were much cheaper! They come with 6 drawers, but you can remove them by level (the drawer and the slot come off if you want to make it shorter). The top two drawers are open, the bottom four have removable lids. These work great for me! I had one in there, but Matthew said if we took one drawer off, we could fit two units side by side! Sounded like a plan to me, so he ran back to Costco and bought a second one! Awesome! So it cleared off SO much space for me! I was able to put all my Marvy punches in one drawer. Bind it all coils are in two of the drawers, zutter book covers are in another, one has lots of primas, etc. I love it! I have the two extra drawers and they hold other stuff and I either stood them up on their sides next to it or put it away. They are big enough to hold 12×12 paper too! I think these were made by Cropper Hopper, but I am not positive.


So that’s how they look! I love them! Thank you so so much, hon! If you don’t have Costco, they would be about the same deal with a coupon at Hobby Lobby. So that’s my latest storage find. I love how much each drawer holds, and yet they are still pretty accessible to me! You can see where they are in relation to where I stamp. I have so much right there within reach!  My 5 yo, Alex, stood in the middle of the room and twirled in circles saying “I can see the carpet again!”  Nice….


You can also see how not organized I am! Hope you had a great weekend! We are off to take family pictures. Wish me luck and patience!!

11 comments to Stamping Space Sunday: new drawers

  • Do you sit on the floor to stamp, reaching up onto your desk for all the things you need? This is where I always seem to find myself stamping. I bet I can count the number of times I have actually sat at my desk and stamped on one hand!

  • Barb Hendrickson

    Love those drawers, Emily. It is so wonderful to actually get things in some order, isn’t it? I love order, but when I’m deep in stamping, my tables are a mess….like right at this minute. 🙂 Had a make and take yesterday and it looks like a tornado went through this place! lol

    thanks for sharing!
    By the way, I’m still waiting on my PaperTrey Ink stamps. 🙂

    barb hendrickson

  • OMGosh, I was so laughing when I saw your drawers. I just bought 6 sets of 3 drawers just like this from Walmart last night and spent the whole day organizing! Great minds think alike I guess!

  • Your space is so well organized! I love it. (I’m a little jelous too! LOL!)
    Gina K.

  • Awesome room, Emily!! Looks similar to mine!

  • Charlene H.

    I love those drawers. I think I might have to make a trip to Costco to see if we carry them here. My husband ain’t gonna like that – he thinks I have too much stuff already. But…. I just ordered the punches and I will need a place to keep them. Thanks for the idea.

  • Oh Emily! This is great! Those drawers are so gret for all of the bigger things and the primas in the containers! I cannot not have the cuttlebug out. It is so much easier to just have it there and ready! I have missed Stamping Space Sunday! I am so glad it is back! 🙂

  • Maureen

    Emily, I love your shelf that you are using for your large background stamps. What a fantastic idea! I may have to get one of those. Glad to see Stamping Space Sunday is back. Love looking at pics of your space.

  • Love the pics of your space Emily! Thanks for the Costco tip! I have large Drafting drawers, my hubby designs houses and before computer days he would store blueprints in them. Will have to post a pic sometime!

  • you have a great place to work! seems quite organized, i love it!

    so inspiring to see other peoples spaces. i find myself sitting among piles trying to work.

    and my son’s name is Alex also, btw!

  • I saw a link to your blog over at Craft Critique today ( Great information!! Keep up the good work!!

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