Can you believe it’s been almost 2 mos and I still haven’t managed to answer all those questions?? Y’all just had so many!

Anyway, first off I wanted to go ahead and post here about the Handwriting Fonts. I used Andy’s handwriting from Feb of this year to journal on this digi page. I got asked by many of you where you can get that done. Well, my sister made me mine, but she ‘retired’ from font making. However, she passed her mad-skillz on to a friend and you can find her shop here! Specifically, if you want a font made that is exsclusive to you (in other words, you will own the rights to it) you will want this one for cursive and this one for print. You can have them done cheaper if you don’t mind a possibility of resale.

And now for some more of those questions!

1. Why do you prefer the black staz-on ink pad over the black SU ink pad?

Well….for one, the SU black ink pad – well, it’s kinda not black! Ever notice how it looks kinda purple?? Also, for watercoloring – which I LOVE – the stazon doesn’t run or smudge into your project as much.

2. How many stamps do you own?

Probably not as many as you think! I counted up that I had about 80 Su sets. I try to keep it at 75 or under. I find that if I have more than that, I don’t use them and they just take up space. Or I get overwhelmed with too many and don’t want to use any of them! I have lots of Ginak stamps, justjohanna stamps (since those are my two Design Teams I am on), my two Fancy Pants sets, a box or two of A Muse stamps, two papertreyink sets and a few TAC sets. And that’s about it! Seriously, you could fit almost all my stamps in two of those Crop In Style cubes.

3. How did you happen upon SplitCoast?

I found splitcoaststampers through the oh-so-talented Beate Johns. I was on a yahoo group where Beate shared her creations. She spoke of her favorite website and of course I had to go there too! I think I was member number 2,000 something. Now there are SO SO many members there!

4. How has blogging effected you life and do you recommend people starting their own blogs?

Well, I started my blog originally as a place for my sister, Kimberly, to view my things when she moves to China. Lots of sites are blocked in different countries and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to come to Splitcoast to see stuff I had made. And it just went from there! I have to say, I love that I have started one. It makes me get in my room SO much more often so that I can have new things to share with y’all. I say go for it, but it is A LOT of work. Posting takes time, linking takes time, etc. Of course, you can put into it as much as you want. I just enjoy talking…..and apparently some people out there listen, lol!

5. OK, Emily, I want to know if you really persued becoming such a *famous* stamper, ie: the tutorials on SCS, design teams, or did they just happen for you? (Clear as mud)

wow, this question kinda cracks me up! I have never thought of myself as a famous stamper. It all just kinda happened. I started doing the color challenges because Kimberly made me. Since she was hosting, she’d bug me all week til I did mine. Then I started doing the other challenges. I grew SO much as a stamper from that. Then Kimberly said we should make a card box (lunch tin) for our new stepmom, Cindy. And before I knew it, I had made TONS of them. Beate asked if I would do a tutorial on them and I did! Since then, I’ve just done tutorials when asked or when I think I have a different way to do something already shown. I know how much pictures help me figure stuff out so I am glad I can pass along things I’ve learned from other stampers.

I still don’t think of myself as famous stamp-wise. I don’t submit to magazines so I am not published. I am not a member of the Dirty Dozen. I have recently joined two Design Teams, and I love doing that! I just like making stuff with my hands and paper. I hope you can get inspired by something I made – I know how much I have grown through being inspired by other stampers.

6. I would love to know if you did your own watermarks on a certain program or if someone does them for you.

My watermarks are made by my sister, Kimberly. Seriously, what will I do without her??? Thank goodness for email! I haven’t the foggiest idea how to make them, I just ask her nicely for what I want and she does it. I know there are several threads on SCS about how to make them in different programs and also there are a few tutorials on different blogs that explain the process.

***ETA: Please DO NOT email my sister and ask her to make you a watermark or ask her if she sells them. She is entirely too busy preparing for their move to China and her life in general. So even if you know her through SCS, DO NOT contact her about making you a watermark, selling you a watermark or directions on how to do your own watermark. She does mine for me because she is my sister and she offered. Thank you!****

Okay, that’s enough for now. I have a card for later today though!