So I know a lot of you have seen these already. I found these adorable, just BEGGING to be altered, mailboxes at the Target $1 spot last week. Well, here’s my problem. I only got a few….and I need a few more. I wanted to do them for my nieces. I need at least one more to do them. And of course, both Targets by me are all out! Anyone live near a target that has more?? Or have some they can spare?? If so, please email me and we can perhaps work something out! I’ll decorate one for you and mail it back to you….or I can make you another freebie…..or something! Anyone???
Thank you so much to everyone who offered to mail/check for more mailboxes! I love stampers! Y’all are so stinking nice! I did get a lovely stamper to mail me the extras I needed. THANK YOU so much Laurie!!!

4 comments to Help!!

  • Janet

    I have to go to Target today because our Christmas ornament storage box ripped through. I need to find a plastic storage something…I will check our dollar spot and see what they have.

  • Laurie

    Hey Emily-

    I have several I can spare! How many would you like?

  • Laurie

    I tried to email you but the link wouldn’t work. Send me a PM on SCS. I’m mtnstamper. 🙂

  • SnapHappyInkyMomma

    I see you’ve been offered a few already — but if they don’t work out, I’ve got a few white ones I can spare, so let me know!

    StampinLeslie on SCS

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