Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

I got a much needed haircut today. And DUDE! My hair smells SO good! I got at least 3 inches cut off, it was just getting too long! I usually have them blow it out straight because I’ll never take the time to do it myself. But it is seriously humid and it rained this morning so I just let her leave it curly. Or should I say frizzy?? Seriously, what is the deal with beauticians and being able to manage truly curly hair? That little dollop of product they put in their hand is NOT going to control my hair! Not only is it curly and it NEEDS control, but it’s also pretty long and thick too! I always snicker when I see how much they think they can use. I use two different things to control mine and the mousse I use – well, just fill your hand as much as you possibly can maybe 5 inches high with foam. I am not joking. Anyway, it smells so so nice now.

I don’t have any cool things to share today because I am working on a few things I can’t share yet. So I thought I’d answer a few more questions today.

1. I was just reading on your blog that you can’t sell cards if SU stamps (or products?) are used. Why is that?

Well, every company has what is called an Angel Policy. It is really a copyright policy. Their images are copywritten. You may only use them how they say you can. They own the rights to whatever images they produce. Just like songs or whatever. You would need to contact companies specifically to find out what their policy is. SU’s is that you cannot sell items made with their images online or at a fixed retail location. So I can’t have a basket of their cards at the local coffee shop. But I can have a basket in my mom’s teachers lounge. Make sense?

2. In your pursuit of the art of papercrafting, what has been your most amazing discovery? It can be either personal (i.e. what has affected you most?) or professional (i.e. products)?

Hmm….as for products I would say two things have changed my style the most. The discovery of background stamps – I LOVE them! And finally being able to use patterned paper! Seriously, it is only in the last 6 mos or so that I have used it on cards with any regularity.

Personally, the most amazing discovery for me is that I am actually good at it! I am still surprised and honored every time someone says they like something I made or says that something here inspired them. I know that I have learned all I know from other online stampers and I am still amazed that people have learned from my stuff! I’ve never been into or good at anything artistic or crafty in my life until now!

3. What type of glue/adhesive do you recommend? I was so frustrated with snail adhesives that bungle up I went to glue sticks. But now, I am finding they don’t always stay stuck!!! Help!

I may have answered another question like this already, but I’ll answer again because this is my FAVORITE product discovery. I had used tombow tape runner style adhesive for the first 2 years. Then I found out what SweetMissDaisy uses (and I think she is just awesome!!) and I tried it out. The final straw for me came when my husband had an anniversary card I made him on his dresser. Every time I walked by it I had to squeeze the layers together again! So I tried the Tombow Mono Multi and I love it! It would tear the paper to take it apart! There is a bit of a learning curve using a liquid adhesive. I use the small end and run a line about 1/8 inch in from the edge of the paper. I love that it sticks forever. I have a link on the right side of my blog that says THE BEST GLUE EVER. This is where I get mine. Cheapest price I’ve found and it’s free shipping on orders over $25. I try to order once a year.

4. How long have you been interested in paper crafts/art/design?

I have been at it since Oct 2003, so about 3.5 years. I’ve never done anything else artsy since grade school.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go and why? That’s easy! Italy. I’ve always wanted to go there. Dh is 3/4 Italian. I love Italian food. We were planning to go for our 10th anniversary. However, that is next year and I don’t see that in the cards.

6. Do you do craft shows? How and where?

No, I’ve never done a craft show. I’ve thought about it and I might try one in the fall. We’ll see. Honestly, I hate making anything in bulk. (Except for the lunch tins, lol!) So I don’t know if I’d like it or not. I rarely even make two of the same card.

ok, that’s all! Kimberly and I are going digiscrapping one last time tonight – dang, I love hanging with her AND those Zebra mocha’s! (They are half mocha, half white chocolate – so so goooooood!)

7 comments to Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

  • I STILL use the Mono too… best stuff on EARTH! I’m convinced! =) …and I’d go to Italy too. Ohhhh the fun!

  • Charmaine G

    Hey I have exactly the same type of hair. I truely believe my hair likes my hairdresser better than me. It behaves and cooperates for her and sticks it’s curl out at me when we get home. And, I have to totally agree with how wonderful they make our hair smell when they do it for us. I am excited about my apointment next week.

    Charmaine G

  • Melissa

    Isn’t that the truth about curly hair? I thought it was just me, but they always use the tiniest squirt of product and meanwhile I’m using a TON of product to get it under control!

  • hehe I understand about the curly hair!! I have no idea how they get it so flat when they blow dry it striaght and I use the same products and tools and mine is frizzy!!! Ohhh to have straight hair!!

  • Alicia Bongiorno

    I love your designs. I check your site daily. Just had to comment on this because I feel like we have a lot in common on these subjects. I have a red headed daughter with thick/frizzy hair!!!! Check out my last name! We are going to Italy in spring 2008! Thanks for all of the great inspiration!

  • Yep, I’m a curly girl too. In fact, today it was rainy and humid in England, and I innocently let my hair air-dry on the way to work this morning. Can we spell FRIZZ?? It’s at least twice the size of normal. I actually took a piece of yarn I found in a tray in my classroom and attempted to tie it back because it looked rather frightening. 🙂 I feel your frizzy pain!!!

  • Connie

    You are right, Emily, hair stylists just don’t understand curly hair, do they? I finally found someone who didn’t automatically want to give me a straight-haired cut, or butch me! I just use a flat iron to straighten my hair…’cept yesterday and today. Got two kids home with the chicken pox so I don’t see any need to style my hair 😉 Thanks for the great blog!

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