Okay, this is THE coolest thing ever! Kimberly came over and used my paper crafting stuff to make hers a few months ago – and I knew I had to learn to do it! So, first I’ll show it to you, then I’ll explain what it is and how to do it!


Isn’t that the cutest thing?? A little board book!



These are just some of the inside pages. Total it is 6 coasters (so 12 pages).


Okay, how cool is that?? Don’t you want to make one now too? And it was SO easy! Here’s what I used on it and then I’ll get into the how part.


Splash Piece A Cake Album from The Shabby Shoppe

King Cook KC font by Kimberly Geswein (www.dafont.com)

6 chipboard coasters (I got mine through a group share on SCS)

Bind it All (you can also use a crop a dial and rings)


mod podge

sanding blocks

Ok, and for the how. A piece-a-cake album is made to be up to 8×8 in size (usually) and you just pop your picture in and layer the pre-done page on top of it. You can move your photo around, mess with the size, etc til it looks how you want it. Then you are done! You can add to it – journaling, etc if you want. (You can get these at other digi stores, I’ve just only bought mine at The Shabby Shoppe.)

Then you print your ‘pages’ as 4×6 prints. Some places (walgreen’s for example) have software that screws this up and resizes it. You don’t want that. You want it to print on a 4×6 but with 2 inches of white space so it is really a 4×4 pic. I did mine at Costco (make sure you get matte/lustre finish – glossy would show way too many fingerprints!). It was about $2 for the pics and they were done in an hour. I put all the pages together in one 2 hr session with Kimberly at the coffee shop a few nights ago.

When you get your prints, you trim the 2 inches of white off. So you have a stack of 4×4 pictures. Then decide what order you want them to go in. Mod podge the backs of the pics and stick them on the coasters. Trim corners and then sand the edges a bit so they look softer. When I was done with that I put them in my Bind-it-All one at a time then used a white 7/8 coil. I think that turned out to be a pretty accurate size for the 6 coasters. Tied on some ribbons and that’s it!!

Seriously, can you believe it was that easy? I am so in love with this idea! I see many of them in my future – talk about a wonderful gift for grandparents or whatever – I’m thinking Christmas gifts!! I cannot take any credit for this idea – Kimberly said she saw it somewhere else. I just loved hers!

Ok, I’m off to spend the day helping out at the Doodliedoo booth at the Great American Scrapbooking Convention in Arlington. If you happen to be there, it’s booth #919 across from Heidi Swapp. Stop by and say hi!