Okay, to kick off Tips Week, I thought I’d share a tutorial. This is a variation from the other paint can tutorial I did earlier for SCS. The first one used a smaller paint can and red liner tape. This version uses a slightly larger paint can and mod podge. So here goes!

Mod Podged Paint Can Tutorial





Paint can

Mod Podge

Foam Brush

Patterned papers


Aluminum Foil (optional)

Stamps, Ribbon, Embellishments (optional)




Step 1:

Cut patterned papers. (I chose to use 2 and cut one to cover the top 1/3 of the can and cut the other to cover the bottom 2/3 of the can. I have two pieces as 12 in wasn’t enough to go all the way around the can. This can measures approx. 6 in tall.)




Step 2:

Using foam brush, paint mod podge on bottom 2/3 of can. Paint about half way around to adhere the first strip.




Step 3:

Adhere bottom paper to mod podge can. Use your finger to smudge mod podge over the edge of the paper. This will seal it onto the can. Press down firmly as you go around the can. It is very important to smooth paper as you go, keep it flush with the bottom edge of the can, and continually pull taught to alleviate wrinkling and bubbling.



Step 4:

Adhere the second half of the bottom paper to the mod podge can. Make sure that the paper lines up at the seams and that the edges are mod podged so they will not peel up.




Step 5:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the top half of the can. Make sure that the paper is pulled as taut as possible for fewer wrinkles and bubbles.



Step 6:

Using foam brush, paint entire can with mod podge. This will make the can more durable. Allow to dry fully before moving to step 7.



Step 7:

Embellish as you would like. The ribbon on this can was attached using glue dots. Use glue dots or sticky strip to adhere ribbon – be sure to use enough so that it doesn’t loosen.




Step 8:

For the lid, this can used the largest circle on the Coluzzle circle template. After cutting it out, use foam brush and mod podge to adhere circle to can lid.



After this step, add whatever you like to dress up and finish the can. It can be filled with whatever you like to go along with the theme of your can. This can was finished using Bundle of Joy and Doodle Alphabet.


That’s it! I hope that’s a good kick off to this week and I’ll have something else for you tomorrow!

I’m always interested in what you would like tutorials on, so let me know!