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Most of you have probably heard of Mamakimberly. She is my sister, Kimberly, and that is her SCS name. She is my blogmaster/photographer/computer techie guru/etc. She is also probably my best friend. And she’s leaving me!

She is actually moving overseas. Instead of living 5 minutes away, she will be oceans away. I know it is for good reasons and I know it is what she has always wanted. But I don’t want her to go! I am living in a complete state of denial. We don’t discuss the move at all, lol! Good way to deal with it, huh?

Anyway, she told me she wanted a journal for her purse. We had gone shopping together after Christmas and she had purchased one at Barnes and Noble. She tried altering it and it didn’t take. (Wrong kind of surface for mod podge, I guess!) Anyway, I decided to make one for her using the Blush Basic Grey to match her little notebook. Well, apparently there was a run on the Blush paper at Recollections…they only had a few designs left. And of course, not the one I wanted!

So I went with another sheet I had and made this for her. I used Basic Grey Wholy Cow and Making Memories rub-ons as well. I try to mod podge over the rub ons, just to make sure they won’t peel off later. I ran some black grosgrain ribbon along the seam to make it pretty and that’s it! Oh yeah, I got the journal at Target – I wanna say it was about $3.99 or something. It has pocketed dividers inside as well.

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  • Brooks Daily News

    It’s beautiful Emily! I know you are going to miss her. I will pray that God makes this a special time for yall until she leaves.

  • Kendra aka Scrapstampindiva

    I love the altered notebook and she is going to love it too! I know exactly how you are feeling – my sister moved several states away a couple of years ago and we had never been apart. She finally came back last year. Everything happens for a reason I tell myself. Spend as much time together as you can! 🙂

  • jan.stamp

    Trying again to comment–not sure if it worked before.

    EMily, I love everything you do. These frames are no exception. Ther’re gorgeous!! Awesome! Thanks for sharing your creative creations with us!

    See you on SCS

  • Silvergirl

    Beautiful journal! I know your sister will love it and think of you every time she takes it out to jot her notes and thoughts.

    Enjoy your time together and I’ll be thinking of both of you.
    Lisa / Silvergirl

  • D Beltt

    This journal is beautiful. The verse is perfect for the beginning of a new journey!

  • love2Bcreative

    LOVE what you have done here for your Sis Emily — I didnt know she was moving ~ wow! I am sad for ya’ ;o( Hang in there girl!! She is an awesome blogmaster as this is the first time I have seen your blog (where in the *heck* have I been!!)

  • MamaKimberly

    And I LOVE it!!! I’ve got to link to this from my blog! You’re so sweet!! It is almost too pretty to be a journal! Thank you!

  • Kelly Barney

    This really is sweet looking. I love the colors and design. I am sure you sister will treasure it. For the record, I believe denial is highly under-rated!

  • Vivian

    This is so pretty! I am sure she is going to love it. You two are so sweet! I am sorry Kimberly is leaving! 🙁 I left my sister 1 1/2 ago and we both miss each other like crazy!


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