Tips Week: Day Two (delayed)

Whew! What a day! Long story short… meds made my bp and heartrate shoot up. So I went off of them. The numbers dropped back to normal. But I woke up today hurting so bad I could hardly walk! Went to the dr (mine was out of town) and she didn’t listen and wanted to put me on an even scarier drug that has a higher risk of heart issues. Um….no thanks! So I’m just gonna tough it out for awhile until I can get in to another type of dr and see what they will say. It is so unbelievably frustrating to have pain that no one can help. And to have drs push various pills and say it’s that or live with it. No, there has to be more options than that. I am just not ready to give up and resign myself to popping more pills everyday to deal with it.

Anyway, so that was my day.  I have day two’s stuff ready – but we’ve got VBS tonight.  I’ll have to post it when I get back….so it’ll be later tonight.  Sorry about the delay!

13 comments to Tips Week: Day Two (delayed)

  • Cathy B

    Your stuff is worth the wait. so sad to hear about the pain you are having. I will keep you in my prayers! cathy

  • kauai17-kim

    Hugs sweetie. I hope that you find a solution soon!!!!!!

  • Janet

    So sorry to hear you are dealing with pain still. Hang in there and stick to your guns until you find a solution that works for you!

  • Keri

    That’s terrible! I hope you find a solution soon!

  • Peggy Maier

    Prayers going up for you that God will lead you to the right Dr & that he will know just what to do.

  • Sorry about y our pain, I will be praying for you.

  • Amanda Regan

    There’s nothing worse than painfully dragging yourself to the doctors surgery & then finding out that you will be seeing a doctor who doesn’t know your case & even worse the doctor won’t even listen & just wants to pop pill after pill at you.

    I think many of us have been there & it not only doesn’t help but the frustration alone makes things worse.

    My hopes & prayers go to you & I hope you soon feel better.

  • I understand about the pain…I have 7 herniated disks in my back and live with pain everyday. It’s hard to find a solution…for me, a lot of meditation helps (finding the time to meditate is another story, LOL). Fell good!

  • take care of yourself, and keep looking for a doctor that can help you without giving you horrible side effects. Thinking about you!

  • Queen Mary

    Boy can I relate! In the early days of migraine suffering we were all told the same thing — take this thing you’re allergic to or suck it up. I’m glad those days are over! My SIL is a chronic pain sufferer, I don’t know if you are, but God bless ya kiddo!

  • Sorry to hear about the pill issues. Hope you feel better soon and get something for the pain that works with your body. Thinking of you…

  • Sandi

    Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable. I’m not a pill popper either. I got really sick 19 yrs ago and had a zillion tests run and finally was told ‘it was in my head’. Needless to say I was NOT impressed. It was suggested to me to go a visit a naturopathic doctor. I hestitated at first but figured I had nothing to loose….well for the last 19yrs that all I do. I see my naturopathy for everything and have had incredible results. In some cases, I also co-ordinated my treatments with Chiropractic and massage therapy (including Active Release Technique). It REALLY works. Just a thought for you to consider. The great thing about naturpathy ~ no dangerous side effects. Good luck and God bless.

  • Sherri Lonar

    Hope you find a solution…I have chronic neck pain/headaches (migraines)…I found after years of therapy and changing diet,etc…I find relief now from an Osteopath (or miracle worker as I call her!). I was more prone to migraines when I was on the BC pill…then lessened when I went off it. YOu should try an osteopath…..I refuse to take meds as well. Hope this helps.

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