Whew! What a day! Long story short…..new meds made my bp and heartrate shoot up. So I went off of them. The numbers dropped back to normal. But I woke up today hurting so bad I could hardly walk! Went to the dr (mine was out of town) and she didn’t listen and wanted to put me on an even scarier drug that has a higher risk of heart issues. Um….no thanks! So I’m just gonna tough it out for awhile until I can get in to another type of dr and see what they will say. It is so unbelievably frustrating to have pain that no one can help. And to have drs push various pills and say it’s that or live with it. No, there has to be more options than that. I am just not ready to give up and resign myself to popping more pills everyday to deal with it.

Anyway, so that was my day.  I have day two’s stuff ready – but we’ve got VBS tonight.  I’ll have to post it when I get back….so it’ll be later tonight.  Sorry about the delay!