Today I am going to show you how to do ‘smooshing’. StamperSharon originated this technique (I believe it was Sharon anyway) using Roses In Winter. I get so many requests for directions on how to do it, I thought this would be a perfect time to show you! So here we go! First, I thought I’d show you a sample of a smooshed rose and a regular rose.


The rose on the left is done using smooshing and the one on the right is straight stamped. You get a much softer look with smooshing. I believe it looks more realistic or at least smoother than it looks just straight stamped. So here’s how you do it!


Ink up the largest flower layer.


Stamp it off two times on scratch paper.


Stamp largest flower onto cardstock.


While you stamp it, smoosh the stamp by turning 1/4 turn each direction. Repeatedly do this to acheive a good smooshed image.


Ink up the middle flower layer and stamp it off one time on scratch paper.


Stamp on larger flower, in the center. Repeat smooshing (1/4 turn in each direction).



Ink smallest flower layer and stamp directly to the middle on the already stamped flower. (no stamping off on this layer) Repeat smooshing (1/4 turn in each direction repeatedly.)



Ink leaf (I usually only use the inner leaf stamp – it just seems to fit better) stamp and smoosh (1/4 turn in each direction, repeatedly) in the corner of the flower.


And this is what your finished rose should look like!  Thank you Sharon for coming up with such a cool look for floral stamps!

This is my finished card, and it is also CC118.  Check out the color challenge today!  (I did get chocolate chip on the edge of the rose layer – kind of cheating, but it’s there!)  And that’s my tip for today!


Oh yeah, and I thought I’d share a pic of my messy roses in winter stamps.  I am really really AR about  my stamps being clean.  This poor set is so stained – mostly just the blocks, but still!  You can tell I’ve used the snot out of this set!