So how many of you ran out and bought those CUTE frames at the Target Dollar Spot?? I have lots, lol! For some reason, I like doing these frames with two sheets of paper. I don’t know why! Anyway, I thought I’d do a little tutorial on altering a frame using two papers and some ribbon. I think it looks very finished without anything else! Of course, you can always embellish as much as you want! Anyway, this tutorial uses the Target frames, but it would work for any frame you chose to use. (This frame was made as part of a baby shower gift for a baby boy.)

Target Frame Tutorial (Two papers)




two coordinating patterned papers

mod podge

spray sealant

foam brush


red liner tape (o’so stick tape)

sanding block


Remove bow from frame. (It should pull right off – sometimes, the ribbon is even salvageable!)


Remove any excess glue from the frame. This can chip the paint – but that doesn’t matter. You are going to cover that part anyway.


Choose your papers (the Target frames are colored so you’ll want to choose something that goes with the paint color. You will see the paint when you are done so you’ll want it to kinda match.) You will want two different papers for this style.


Take the back and the plastic out of the frame. Lay the frame face down on the back of the patterned paper. You want to trace around the edges of the frame and the inside opening. The paper you want for the bottom half should go about 2/3 of the way up the frame (the two papers will slightly overlap).


After you have your two papers traced like the above photo, cut the frame out of the papers.


Once you have the pieces cut out, lay them on your frame. Position them in place and trim any overhanging paper. It is better for your papers to be slightly smaller than the frame than slightly larger. Also, make sure that they don’t overlap too much. You don’t want the overlappage area to not match up correctly.


Using a foam brush, paint the top half of the frame with mod podge. Stick the top paper on and run your fingers over it to make sure it is tightly adhered and that there are no bubbles. Then do the same with the bottom half – don’t put too much mod podge over the top half paper.


This should be how it looks once you have both papers on. You want them well-sealed, no overhang, and as little mod podge on top as possible. Let mod podge dry.

Use a sanding block (or very fine sand paper) to sand the edges of your frame (don’t forget to do the inside edges as well!).  You want the edges to look a little white – but be careful not to sand too vigorously.  It’ll take the paint off if you sand too much!  Once the edges are sanded, take the frame outside and spray with Plaid Spray Sealant (or whatever sealant you want).  Make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area – that stuff is strong smelling!


After it’s dry, take red liner tape and run it along the inside of your ribbon.  I laid the middle of the ribbon on the front of the frame (on the side without a knot) and had the two ends meet in the back.  I cut them at a slant so that they kind of match up better.  Make sure you press the ribbon against the frame on the inside.  On the side with a knot, line your ribbon and have it meet in front where the knot ties.  That’s it!

So, that’s the tutorial for today!  I got it in just under the wire (at least my clock says it is 11:59, lol!)  I am off to bed!