Tips Week: Day Five

So I kinda didn’t post a tutorial yesterday. I fell asleep. Sorry about that! Don’t worry though – I’ll still have a full seven days of tips! Today, it’s even a two-for-one! Get ready, cause here’s two ways to make faux eyelets!

Faux Eyelets: Hole Punches




hole punch ( 1/8 in circle)

1/4 in circle punch



Punch out a circle using the 1/4 in punch. This should be punched in whatever color you want your ‘eyelet’ to be.


Glue the 1/4 in circle wherever you want your eyelet to be. Let it dry really well. (otherwise, you’ll gunk up your punch!)


Once it is nice and dry, punch a circle in the middle of that 1/4 in circle using your 1/8 in handheld punch.


That’s it! Now you can make eyelets in any color you want – and it requires no hammering!


Supplies: real red, white, and soft sky cardstock; silver cord; black stazon, real red, and soft sky ink; dimensionals; crab, sentiment and scalloped doodle stamps all GinaK; cuttlebug folder; niji waterbrush (small).

Faux Eyelets: White Gel Pen



white gel pen

paper piercer

piercing mat

cardstock (does not have to be scalloped)


Using your paper piercer, pierce holes wherever you would like your white eyelets to be. (This works great with scallops, but you can do them as a border or whatever!)


Using your white gel pen, ring the pierced holes. Just trace the edges of the holes with the gel pen – sometimes it will squirt out a bit too much white and it will seal the hole. If this happens, just pierce through the seal. (does that make sense??)


That’s it! When you’re done – it should look like this all the way around. Just small faux eyelets to accent your project.


Supplies: Lime Peel note card, hammock image, relax sentiment (and Father’s Day sentiment on the inside) all from A Muse; dimensionals; white grosgrain ribbon; green polka dot organdy; fancy pants paper; white cardstock; black stazon, certainly celery, close to cocoa and creamy caramel inks.

So that’s all for today! Only 3 more days of Tips Week! I hope you have found these helpful – and feel free to make requests. I can’t guarantee I can write something up on it, but I can try!

11 comments to Tips Week: Day Five

  • You make me want to get rid of all my eyelets cause I don’t need them anymore now that I’ve learned this from you! Great tutorials!!!
    Gina K.

  • wow, now I am wondering why I have all these eyelets. This is great, thanks for sharing.

  • Tammy Katt

    Oh how fun Emily. I love your tutitorials.
    Thanks for the heap of info you share with

  • Very cool ideas! I love your blog! I seem to skip eyelets a lot so that I don’t wake up the kiddies. I will have to use this technique!

  • Cara

    Ha! I love the red eyelet tutorial. My husband is near me and I’m like “Honey! Come look at the faux eyelets!!!” He’s like, “That’s great…If you don’t have the right color eyelets, you can just do that!!” He was playing along and acting like you were a genius, just to humor me. But more like making fun of me. Anyway, I thought it was a great idea, cause there are many times I don’t have the color eyelet I need. Thanks for the idea!

  • Cara

    By the way, you all need the silent-setter by provo craft. Really, it’s silent.

  • Linda F. Wilson

    I am enjoying all of your tips. Thanks for taking the time to show us the step by step tutorials. I know it’s time consuming to set it all set up on your blog.
    Keep sharing….

    The tag with the “eyelet”, really looks like an eyelet.

    ; )

  • Mary

    I love your Blog, and your tutorials are absolutely wonderful. Love all your ideas. I wonder, WHY didn’t I think of that?? That is why there is YOU!

  • Awesome tuts! Thanks!

  • Jenn

    SAH-weet! I’m really not much of an eyelet girl, but this is soooo do-able! Faux eyeletting it is! Thanks!

  • I love them both Emily!! Very cute cards!

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