I can’t believe it! I haven’t cropped in so so long. I hadn’t even gotten prints made of my digi pics since April!!!

Anyway, mamak and I are going to Recollections for a crop today. We’ll head out sometime early this afternoon and it’s over at midnight – I don’t know if we’ll stay the whole time though. I am going to be paper cropping and she is bringing her laptop. I get twice the space to spread out though…..heehee! We might look kinda dorky with her and her laptop to digiscrap, but it’s really about spending time together anyway.

I can only scrapbook outside of my home. Is that weird?!?! If I am here, I would rather make a card or whatever. Scrapbooking is a labor of love for me. My husband really likes that I do it, and I like the end result, but I don’t necessarily enjoy doing it. I have a 3-ring binder with layout sketches. Some I have found on the Internet various places and some that mamak has made for me. This has made it so much easier for me….and I like my pages a lot more too!

I just take whatever pictures I want to use on a page….flip through the sketches in my binder and pick one….then I go from there and choose papers and embellishments. It means that some of my pages are just variations on the same layout, but I don’t care! I am not an original, innovative scrapper by any means. I just want to be able to get some pages done, like the end result, and have a book for posterity. With the binder, I can do mostly pages I end up liking and they are quicker to make. So I get more done.

Since I only scrapbook outside my home, I do not stamp in my books either. It’s just too much to haul ink and stamps as well as all my scrap stuff. So I rely mainly on rub-on letters (mostly from Making Memories) for my titles. It may not be that fancy, but it works for me!

Right now, I have 3 scrapbooks I am working on. One is the ongoing book of the boys. I don’t really have any time frames on those, just when one is full – I start another. I have an 8×8 book that is of Matthew and I. Anytime we do things without the kids it goes in there…..it’s not very big, lol! And lastly, I have a book of me. This was mamak’s idea and I think it is by far my favorite book to work on – and not for the reasons you’d think! Since I am the only female in this house, this is the only book where I can let all the femininity flow. It has lots of primas and floral papers! I really enjoy getting to use all the girly things in my book.

Anyway, perhaps I will share a few of my favorite pages from today when I get back. They won’t be stamping related…..and they probably aren’t that great, but I’ll share a few if you want to see them!