So you remember all those questions y’all asked back in April……well, I’m still working on answering them! I thought since I had a few minutes, I’d answer a few more tonight.

1. What is your favorite technique and can you do a tutorial on it?

Cracked Glass. There is a tutorial on it at SCS, but if y’all want one, I’ll do one. I love to do it, even though it’s a little time consuming.

2. Do you know of any other companies (besides SU) that sells mat packs?

I believe Making Memories has them. I think I’ve seen them at Michael’s. If you are just looking for a cushion – try foam or an old mouse pad. I just picked up an extra mouse pad for .79 at Ikea so that I would have a larger cushion to work with.

3. Here’s my non-stamping question since I enjoyed sitting next to you during dinner in Dallas SCS get together in October: I could eat ___ everyday.

Bread. Or Pizza. Chocolate. I don’t know!

4. What is a shoebox swap?

It is a swap where you design a card and then bring enough supplies for everyone else to make the card you designed. It’s called a shoebox because theoretically, all the supplies would fit in a shoebox. So if it’s a swap of 30, you’d bring enough cardstock, etc for 30 other people to make your card. Then you go around and make everyone else’s cards.

5. What is the most difficult project you have ever made?

Gosh, probably any project the first time I do it is most difficult. You make all your mistakes the first time, lol! After that, you learn how to do it better and it isn’t so hard.

6. How did you come to accept Christ?

I grew up in the church and have just always had Him as a part of my life. I can remember ‘renewing’ that commitment as a teenager, but as for when – I just remember that I was little. I will say, having my boys ask lots of questions has been such a cool experience. I love hearing them interested in Jesus and what he did for us. Their sweet trusting innocence is so precious.

7. When you are not stamping, what is your favorite fun for you thing to do?

Hmm…..I love having people over to watch football or something. Cooking lots of party foods and stuff. Or going to sporting events with Matthew. I love to read. I love to SHOP! I could shop all day forever. (Of course, I might not be able to walk the next day, but I’d love every minute of it!)

8. My question is how do you organized your time to do so much?

This question made me laugh. I am so not organized with my time. It never fails, right before something is due, I freak out and cram it all in. I have been told by family that I just work better under pressure. I don’t know – I feel more creative when I’ve got a looming deadline. As for the rest, I just tell myself the little stuff doesn’t matter. If the house doesn’t get picked up – no one is going to be harmed by that. Spending time with the boys or working on a project – much more fun. It’ll all get done sometime.

9. How did you meet your husband?

Let’s see…..we met in college. I was a freshman and he was a first year senior (he had a double major so it took 5 years). He was President of the Inter-Greek Council and it was Greek Week. The first night, he refereed our volleyball game and tried to help us win, but we sucked. He thought I was a cute little redhead. The last day of the week, we had the MS Walk and we hung out during it. The next week, he took me on our first date and it was my birthday. Shortly after, I moved home for the summer and he came and stayed with my family as often as he could. Six months later, we were engaged!

10. Have you been published?

Yes, I have been in SU’s On Stage magazine once, an issue of Take Ten and an issue of Stampers Sampler. I have only submitted once, about 9 mos after I started stamping. I have a hard time with making things that won’t get used. Plus, I don’t feel like anything I make is very original. And I can’t take rejection!

11. What is your favorite animal for a pet?

um….none? I am allergic to dogs, my husband can’t stand cats……I am really not into animals. Perhaps a turtle, but I’d probably freak if it peed on me or something. I don’t really do animals or nature or dirt……..

12. What is the latest silly thing your kids and/or dh said to you?

Um, the latest was a few days ago. Matthew and I were sitting there and Alex came up and asked Matthew to fix something. Then he said “It’s kind of like I have servants.” WHAT?!?! I think he totally meant Matthew and I were like his servants, lol! We about died laughing.

13. I am wondering if you can choose an all time favorite from your paper creations.

gosh, that’s a hard one! I can perhaps choose a favorite card – but that is hard too! Ithink it would be this one….

It uses one of my favorites sets, a favorite technique, a favorite background stamp and a favorite color combo.

14. Which inks/markers/chalks or other coloring utensil(s) are your favorite and why?

Reinkers and a waterbrush, hands down. I love to watercolor. I think it’s very therapeutic. I am really really loving my new Niji waterbrush, but I loved the aquapainters too. I love that with the reinkers, I don’t have to worry about matching colors – they already match cause they are the same ink.


15. If you use regular SU white cardstock, and the reinkers, do you wet the paper first, or just start adding color on a wet brush (or blender pen or aquapainter)? How do you choose between using watercolor paper and regular cardstock?

I usually use SU white cardstock, but sometimes I use the watercolor paper. No, you do not wet the paper first. I use an aquapainter type brush (the kind with water in the barrel) and dip that in the reinker. I put a drop or two of reinker inside the lid of my pad and leave it there – after I am done, I just shut the pad and the reinker stays there for next time.

As for how to choose on the paper – for me, it is usually dependant on color. The watercolor paper is more cream colored so if I don’t want a cream accent on my project then I use white. Unless I really want watercolor paper, I almost always use white.

Ok, whew! That was a lot…..enough for today. I think I am finally nearing the end of the questions!