Tips Week: Day Six

So I thought I’d talk about acrylic stamps for my tip today. A little picture show of how I use acrylic stamps (and a big tip for using larger than usual ones – like the huge Fancy Pants flourishes.)



C Plate for Cuttlebug

versamagic dew drop inks

acrylic stamp (large)



So, I never use the C Plate for my cuttlebug. It’s for using different brands of die cuts, etc. I don’t have any other dies right now. Julie told me she’d heard a suggestion to use that plate for your large acrylic mount. What a great idea! I already had it anyway – might as well use it!
Take the C Plate and mount your stamp of choice on it.


I have found it is best to use craft ink or versamagic inks on acrylic stamps. You just get better coverage with them. Someone suggested inking the stamp this way – by tapping the ink onto the stamp – and it seems to work well for me.


The cool thing about acrylics – you can see right where you are going to have your image end up!


This is how your coverage will look with versamagic dew drop inks. I used Night Sky on Kraft paper for this card.


To clean acrylic stamps, I’ve found it’s easiest to just remove the stamp from the block and then clean it. I just rub it around really good on my cleaner pad. I like my stamps REALLY clean, so I just keep rubbing them around til they are clear again. It seems to take longer with acrylics than rubber……but that is also because of the inks I used.


I repeated the inking step and used white versamagic as well. Then cleaned the stamp and put it away.


So this is my finished background for my card. And that’s all there is to using acrylic stamps! Pretty easy, huh?


And this is the finished card. It’s a Father’s Day card for Matthew. (Happy Father’s Day!!)

Supplies: Fancy Pants Pollen Dust; kraft and night of navy cardstock; pewter hardware; dimensionals; A Muse sentiment; white and night sky versamagic dew drop inks; Heidi Swapp distressor.

***ETA – even if you don’t have a cuttlebug – you can purchase the B Plates (same as C, just different thickness) in two packs for $10 or less (especially if you use a coupon!).  That is still signifigantly cleaper that the $20 Fancy Pants block.  Just thought I’d let y’all know that! *** 

31 comments to Tips Week: Day Six

  • Thanks for the tip on using the C block for the Cuttlebug…LOL…I don’t use mine either but will pull it out now 😉
    I wondered why my acrylics didn’t stamp so nice, it was because I wasn’t using the craft inks! Thanks for that tip too!!

  • Lori

    I just ventured in to the world of acrylic stamps and appreciate any and all tips. I don’t have any large enough for the C block just yet, but I plan to! Your card turned out beautiful! I have a hard time with manly cards!I have enjoyed tip week!

  • Malissa

    Thanks for the info. I have been a little hesitant to try acrylics but you make it look easy and pretty!

  • Thanks for he info, great idead for the cuttlebug plate

  • Great tips! Love the swirls

  • Nancy

    Aren’t you the clever one!! This would work great for those who have unmounted their large background stamps also.

  • twinks

    Emily – Thanks for the tip about the C block. I just picked up the Fancy Pants humongous sets and wonder how you store your Pollen Dust or rather, if you have difficulty putting your set away and taking them out to play. My stamps are all so clingy that its a chore each time I pull one out. I’ve been returning them to their original packaging but am worried about the constant pulling I am doing to get them off the sheets. TIA!

  • Alexis R

    What a great idea!!! TFS!

  • Thanks so much for the tips. You are clever in deed.

  • I love the Fancy pants stamps. Your card is lovely!

  • Elaine

    What an excellent tip for the big acrylic blocks!!! The stamp and your card are gorgeous!! WOWZERS!~

  • I have some larger acrylic stamps I had not used because I was too cheap to get the large block. And this whole time I have had that Cuttlebug plate! Thanks for the great tip!!

  • Linda F. Wilson

    Wow! This was a great tutorial on acrylic stamp.
    I had no idea what versamagic dew drop inks was.
    Thanks again, Emily.

  • Lovely card! I am in love with swirls… The colors are super. The white is just so perfect witht that blue… What a great way of using the B plates. TFS!

  • Great card Emily !! love your double stamping !

  • Emmy

    Beautiful card Emily! I love how you used the fancy pants stamps. 🙂

  • Wendy

    Another wonderful use for the C plate is for watercolouring when you’re using markers…I flip it over and use the negative side…its a great palette.

  • Danita (Moberkitty)

    Wonderful tips, Emily! Thanks so much. I just started using acrylic stamps and really appreciate the info! Hoping to get a CB for the upcoming bday so I guess now I have another use for the C Plate! 🙂

  • Thanks so much Emily!! I have enjoyed all the tips you shared this past week. Especially on the C plate…I was about to toss it…glad I didn’t though! Also a great use for the watercoloring tip…I’m very new to watercoloring and this would be a great tool:)

  • Lorrie

    Love that swril stamp! Thanks for all the tips this week, it’s so nice that you share! I hope to put some of them into use, very soon, Thanks again!

  • Joan F.

    I am so impressed by your tips! I recently purchased the Cuttlebug so I have the unused C plate! Very clever idea! I love your Blog and look forward to each installment!! You are so talented!!

  • Love this tip with the cuttlebug plate! I will totally use this!!!


  • Jenn

    You made me buy “Baroque Motifs” just because of this card!!! Here is the link to the first card I made w/ this set!

  • I just ordered the cuttlebug! what is everyone talking about stamping? im so confused… theres pads.. a b and c??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  • so thrilled to stumble upon this wonderful tip ! Now i can use thes large FP stamps that I have & the C plate of the Cuttlebug ! yahoo ! just fab !

  • Would you take offense if I told you I loved you? ;0) This is Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing it! I’ve been waiting eons to use my fancy pants flourishes (at least a year!) Thank you Thank you Thank You! :0)

  • Beverly Bayley

    WOW! What a great tutorial. I would have never thought of using the C plate. You do an excellent job of teaching step by step. I appreciated the info on the best ink. Thanks so very much!

  • thank you for that tutorial 🙂 Have been wondering what ink is best to use with my acrylics….was told about the C plate of the cuttlebug – I thought it might be too thin but you obviously dont have any problems.

  • emiliano-giovanni

    ciao from italy… b e l l i s s i m e carte Emily… complimenti !!! I try tomorrow ciao – ciao

  • Miluxa

    Where may I buy this acrilic stamp, please?

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