Design Teams??

So I am not good with the idea of submitting to magazines. I can’t take the pressure of waiting and rejection and all. But I was thinking I would love to try my hand at applying for some design teams. Anyone out there know how to do that? Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you!!

Oh….and I got 7 pages done last night, I wish I had gotten more though. But I was slow to get started, I think because it has been SO long! Mamak says she wants to go a few more times before she leaves me, so hopefully that will help me get more caught up.

I’ll take a few pictures on some of favorite pages from last night. Since we’re in the middle of the Icy Blast here in TX (insert huge eye roll here), most things are cancelled today. Maybe I’ll use my time wisely and get some stuff done! We’ll see how that works out!

4 comments to Design Teams??

  • Dale Anne

    Go to this blog with all the “pub calls” and start sending in….

  • I don’t know of many DT calls, the only one that I have ever tried for was for the Kit club I am on.
    But I am always saying that you should try, try, try. If you think that you will just get rejected than you already are. I say at least try and one day someone will see you. Besides you do awesome work, so I am sure it won’t take long.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea how to get started with that, but I think you would make an awesome addition to any design team. Glad you had fun yesterday!!!

  • Stampin Merr


    A quick and easy way to submit to a bunch of places (contests, DT calls, and things like that) at one time is to sign up at It’s free and totally easy to do!

    You could so make a DT if you put your mind to it! I say go for it girl!!


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