PSE 5 and no Tips today….

So you know how I ordered PSE 5 and was going to switch over? Well, today was the day. Kimberly and I spent 1.5 hours on Hello (btw, this is THE BEST im available! You can send screen shots of what you are surfing on the web or photos, etc. It’s awesome!) figuring things out. By then, I had a pic and a background paper in my page! I managed to get the rest of the page done on my own, but it took another hour.

I know I’ve talked about how I hate change. I just had to repeat “It will get easier. It will get easier. It will get easier.” in my head the whole time. I already think some parts are better than DIP, but we’ll see. (BTW, anyone want a copy of Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition?? I just bought it a month ago…….it’s great for photo stuff and you can digiscrap in it too.)

So here’s my page. It’s of the science experiment the boys got to do at the Science Center in Baltimore. Check it – I even used ribbons, a button AND a flourish-thingy! All firsts for me!  I wish I had a digikit with beakers or something, lol!


Andy has always wanted to be a scientist. At the Science Center in Baltimore, you got your chance. They had a place where you could extract DNA from wheat germ. Complete with lab coat, gloves and goggles. Your brothers liked it, but you were in your element!

Papers, embellishments: Smarshmallows from
Title Font: It Ain’t Rocket Science by Kimberly Geswein @
Journaling Font: KGD Emily Script (my handwriting made by Kimberly Geswein)
Template: Ronee Parsons
Drop Shadows: Traci Murphy @

So………..I didn’t even get to the tutorial today. Sorry about that! I promise to have it up tomorrow though. Really. I promise. Ok, it’s midnight. I am going to bed.

Oh, and in case you care – the VS semi-annual sale starts tomorrow. Just thought I’d share.

2 comments to PSE 5 and no Tips today….

  • hey i’ll take the the microsoft digital imaging program if you really mean to give it away. love your blog adn am a daily visitor. great work.

  • Angela

    Where do you buy your digiscrapping items? Your recent projects have inspired me. Thanks!

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