Digiscrap stuff…

A quickie post before I have to go somewhere this morning….

A few people have asked where I get my digscrap stuff. Um…..all over? LOL! I can list a few people I have bought from recently, but just like stamping – it’s all about what style you like. I think as you do it more and more, you discover who you prefer. And also what is quality and what isn’t. Some things won’t look as ‘real’ and some won’t be high enough quality when they are large on a page. But you really learn that by looking around.

Here are some of the designers I have gotten things from recently: (you can click on their names to get to their stuff)

Jen Wilson @ jenwilsondesigns.com

Ronee Parsons @ oscraps.com

Corina Nielson @ funkyplayground.com

Shabby Princess @ theshabbyshoppe.com

Traci Murphy (my drop shadow actions) @ funkyplayground.com

Darcy Baldwin (custom handwriting fonts) @ blueflombingo.com

Rachael Giallongo (templates!) @ thedigichick.com

And any time I make a page, I’ll list the supplies used. Their site might not be listed in the supplies, but you can always google their name. It shouldn’t be too hard to find their stores from there. And all the things are REUSABLE! I don’t feel nearly as guilty about buying a few things – they can be reused over and over! Although, it is a little harder to keep track of what you’ve already gotten. I recommend kaboodle.com as a way to help with that. While you are surfing the web, you can just click on the icon when you see something you like. It will save the link (and any notes you have) in whatever list you would like. Then you can peruse your list whenever you want – it’ll even tell you if something is on sale! You can do this for anything, not just digi stuff. I even have a list of stuff I’ve recently purchased. It helps me keep track of it!

Of course, I am SERIOUSLY new at this! I know I keep saying that, but I just don’t want to come off like I know what I am talking about, lol! Mostly I check out designers Kimberly likes and then look for stuff they make that is my style. Kimberly always has lots more girlie stuff than I do, lol!

Ok, that’s enough for this morning, I gotta run! Making this a quick errand so I can get back for the tutorial!

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  • Melissa

    Hi Emily! I love reading your blog for stamping ideas and projects. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    I started digi-scrapping a few months ago and found this blog that lists freebies from other blogs. There are a few others as well, that she refers to from time-to-time (Amy W. and Serena). I’ve even seen Kimberly on their lists when she has new fonts available. 🙂 Enjoy!


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