Stamping Space Sunday: chair

Well, it’s still Sunday here for another hour so I can go ahead and share this!  It’s kind of silly, but it is a part of my stamp room.

I got a new chair!  I’ve been using one of our dining room chairs for the past 2 years.  I just never got around to getting one just for my stamp room.  This past week, we went to Ikea and I got one.  They have these plastic rolling chairs for $20.  And they are REALLY comfortable!  They have some back support as well.  I was really surprised at how comfy they were and ya can’t beat that price!  So, I got a rolling chair (and stumbled on some floor mats for them on sale at Office Depot).  I love that I can now roll over to my Costco drawer units and get out my punches and primas.


So there’s my chair all ready to go!  I really really wanted a hot pink chair.  But they were sold out.  So I got this blue/green color.  Best part:  they sell the chair separate from the base.  And it’s only $6 for the chair part.  So I won’t feel too bad if I get a hot pink seat later and switch them.  (They snap onto the base.)

Anyway, that’s my stamping space idea for today.  Make sure you have a comfy chair!

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