Or at least I am beginning to feel like one. I am finally down to just one allergy shot a week. Great. But they are more itchy than ever. Wonderful. So once a week I get a shot for that. Then I have an itchy lump for a few days…..and usually a bruise after that. Ok, I can handle that.

But I have gotten so many injections for my back issues lately, that I feel like a pin cushion! If it’s not a steroid injection, it’s some other medicine injection. Or they are drawing blood for some test. I think I probably get stuck twice a week. Some are no big deal, some are really painful. I got a numbing med one today into my lower back. It hurt crazy bad when he did it. Now it is pleasantly numb, thank goodness! We’ll see how long that lasts.

I have gone to another (yes, another) physical therapist and feel pretty good about this one. We’ll see how that goes. According to her, I most likely have bursitis in my right hip. Which would be why the steroids help that. Unfortunately, they don’t know why it is staying so aggravated. She also said I have some type of L5 area issue – not sure what or why – this is where I got injected today. And last but not least, I have some SI joint problems. None of these are the bad kinds of arthritis issues I was worried about, although I do have some arthritis (more than normal for someone my age) but nothing to cause the kind of pain I have. So now we’ll try some more physical therapy and see what comes of that.

Oy. A lot of trial and error. With me as a pin cushion. Did I mention how much I hate needles? I used to swear I would only have one baby because I didn’t want to have an IV (how naive was I?? like that is the most painful part of child birth!!). I can handle most of the shots right now, some are worse than others, but the giving blood part…..I really can’t stand that. I have to go again within the next 7 days….I have been putting it off, but the time has come. I will have to suck it up and get it over with. **sigh** I am so not looking forward to that.

Anyway, enough about my issues….I am so so in love with these pocket notes in the latest SU mini. They are just the perfect size for throwing in a package if you are mailing something to someone. You know how we stampers are always mailing little gift-y things to each other…well, these make the perfect little card to accompany those items! So I made up a whole stack of pocket notes last night. I had to have something easy to do while I watched those horrid American Idol auditions.

Here are the ones I made. I can never make too many of one design, and they had to be simple so I could concentrate on my show (yeah right!). I used more Basic Grey, because I just love all of it. I am so so excited that I am finally using more of my papers instead of hoarding them. It IS getting easier too! I stamped the ‘sending you sunshine’ in white stazon – it’s not quite as bright as I would have liked, but it works. If you have any questions about what I used, just ask!