Do you ever…

have an idea for a card….then make it….and it just doesn’t turn out?  Like, it’s not bad…’s just not how you envisioned it?

Well, that’s what happened to me today.  Perhaps it was due to the super helpful 4 yo I had hanging off my arm while I was making it.  I don’t know….but it just wasn’t the way I saw it in my brain, lol!  I used Debbie Olsen’s way of making the swirl cuttlebug folder look like waves.   Anyway, I’ll just show ya……


Supplies: crab and sentiment by GinaK;  googlie eyes; cranberry crisp and stazon inks; swirls cuttlebug plate; paper piercer; niji waterbrush; and cranberrry crisp, white; cool caribbean, and river rock cardstock.

Ok – so that is the card.  It’s not bad. It’s just not what I pictured.  So I was thinking I’d post a list of stamps and such that I am going to sell.  Anyone interested in that?

9 comments to Do you ever…

  • Barb Hendrickson

    Hey Emily, Maybe somehow the waves could go on the bottem of the card? Just thinkin…..I think it is cute and I love the crabs with the little googly eyes:) How darling, and how fun to take a risk. It doesn’t have to be a home run hit out of the park everytime!

    thanks so much for sharing,

  • Nancy

    when are you going to post your sale items??

  • LOL! I agree- I’ve had those moments! The waves are crackin’ me up- I think it was a darling idea but the waves were probably a PITA to cut out, eh? (I’m in canada, gotta throw an eh in there, right?)

  • Jean

    love the idea, the waves and background seem to be fighting…maybe diff colors. Love the “sand” at the bottom. Def love the little crabby fellows.

  • Cat

    I really like the card. I think the waves are cute! And LOVE those crab eyes! Post what ya got to sell… not that I NEED any more stamps 🙂

  • Hey Emily, I know what you mean. The card is cute though just not quite what you envision. My OCD (HA HA) gets in my way all the time. Post your sets.. they will sell quickly!


  • Julie C.

    I would never guess you have cards that go that way for YOU!!!

  • This looks like the next big summer sci fi blockbuster-run for your lives!

  • I like the card but I’d also like to hear you describe what you envisioned. Or try to do another one the way you see it.
    I’d love to see what you have for sale.

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