How about another digipage and some more answered questions? I swear I am going to answer all those questions some day! I made this page last night while Matthew and I watched some random TV. I’m pretty happy with it! I love Corina Nielsen’s stuff – she’s awesome!


Template: Got Scallops from Shandy Vogt (and she’s got 50% off and a FABULOUS grab bag -it’s worth it!)

Papers, ribbons and font: My Funky 4th Collaboration kit from FPD
paper for flourish: Urban Holiday by Corina Nielsen at FPD
Drop Shadows: Traci Murphy at FPD
Stitching: AtomicCupcake

And now for some of those questions!
1. I also wondered if you listen to anything while you stamp? If so what?

Yes, sometimes (when I want to be more productive) I listen to music instead of watching tv. When I watch TV ( I love House reruns!!), I tend to spend part of the time watching instead of working. So I listen to music when I want to be more productive. If no one is around, I’ll just play it from my desktop. If the boys are playing computer, I’ll use my Zen. I love my Zen! It’s the Creative Labs version of the ipod. And I’ve got a hot pink case for it, love it! My current faves to listen to are Gwen Stefani’s new album (after seeing her in concert, I love most of the songs on her new album!), Lisa Loeb – one of my all time faves, the Refreshments, and various other stuff. But I do sing along, loudly. And I am not a good singer.

2. What’s your favorite not-a-card project to stamp on?

Hmm….I don’t know that I ever stamp on non-paper/card items. I like to alter things, but I don’t really stamp on them. So I guess….nothing?

3. I am wondering how you (or me!) became/become a designer for a stamp company?

Well, just find a company that you would like to work for – this means that you love their images. Then do some research. See if they have a call posted anywhere about their DT. If not, ask! I asked justjohanna and they said they would have one in the spring. I signed up for their newsletter and when I saw the call come out, I submitted some designs. With GinaK, I asked if she had a call and she asked if I wanted a spot! Just remember, every Design Team is different. Make sure you ask and READ their specifications and what will be required of you. They all have different incentive programs as well. Just make sure you look things over before you sign a contract with someone.

4. You seem to use a lot of Blush paper from Basic Grey. Do you have a slab of that line and if so, where did you buy to slab?

That’s because Basic Grey is the bestest paper line ever! No really, I just love love their paper. I buy lots of it. Whenever there is a new line, I jump on the chance to get it ASAP. I usually buy by the sheet though. I’ll get a 6×6 pad, and then the rest is by the sheet. I prefer not to purchase the 12×12 packs as they have lots of things in them that I don’t want (letter stickers, etc). So, if Recollections doesn’t have it yet, I’ll find a store online that has what I want and get it by the sheet. Since I sometimes use it at classes, I’ll need several sheets of one design to use it.

5. Are you coming to convention this year in beautiful Denver, CO?

Nope! I’ve never been to convention. Honestly, I probably never will either. It’s just too $$! I just can’t fathom spending that much on a trip for just me. I am trying VERY hard to go to CHA in the winter though. I can’t go to the one this month as it is Kimberly’s last weekend in the country – I kinda want to spend that time with her!

6. When you watercolor, how do you get the background done without it muddying in (for lack of a better word) with the palm fronds?

Hmm….I am not sure if you are referring to the green palm tree part or the sky part. I am gonna answer both. I use stazon, so it doesn’t tend to run when you watercolor on it. For the background, I color right up to the tree, but don’t let the two colors touch, kwim? So the tree and the sky would be flush with each other, but not touching – then the colors won’t run together.

7. What is your favourite place online to order cool new stampin’ stuffs???

Gosh, wherever has what I am looking for?? Um, let me see. The places I have ordered from most recently are:

Doodlie doo


All That Scraps


Eclectic Paperie

8. When you sit down to stamp what comes first, the colors, image or layout?

Either the colors (if it’s a color challenge or if I want to use certain papers) or the image. The layout is always last unless it is the Sketch Challenge. I feel like I do the same layouts all the time, lol!

9. I am having too much water leak from my aqua painter. Is it cause it’s been used for much or do they “die” after a while?

They do “die” (IMO) after awhile. But usually, it’s the brush tip that gets kinda worn out. If you’ve got a leaky pen, most likely it is faulty. I’d contact your demo or SU. Although, I switched to the Niji Waterbrush and I’ve never had more even coverage when watercoloring. And it never leaks. I LOVE it! I got mine on ebay, but they are also at Ellen Hutson’s store (where the ornare piercing template is, hint hint!)

10. Do you have any pets?

Nope. I don’t do animals. We had a dog once, a very cute – but very naughty, beagle. She found a new home when I got pregnant with my oldest. I would prefer to live in a plastic bubble with astro turf for a lawn. Seriously! My allergies are so bad – I just can’t do nature or animals. I am allergic to grass and dogs. So, nope, no pets.

Ok, that’s enough questions for today! I am getting near the end – I see the light!