Have you ever seen this on a blog before?  A “tips jar” where you can donate to the site owner to help offset the costs involved with keeping their site running.

I’m just curious what you think when you see one.  At first, I have to say – I found this kind of….ballsy.  But that was before I blogged.  Now that I have been doing it awhile, I can see the merit of having something like that.  As most bloggers (esp in the paper world) aren’t selling anything, there is quite a big of upkeep that goes into keeping an up to date blog running.  Besides the cost of wherever you host your blog (unless you do a free one like blogspot), that’s the cost of your time.  This is probably the biggest one to me.  Especially things like product reviews or tutorials – they are really time consuming to put up.

Anyway, what’s your initial reaction when you see something like this on a blog?  What are your thoughts about the idea as a whole?  No, I’m not putting one up…..I was just wondering what other people thought when they saw something like that.