Digi Tip of the Day

So I thought perhaps I’d share different digi tips as I discover them.

So here is my first one!

Digi Tip of the Day: Blurring faces

Ever need to blur the face of someone because you want to post a lo online – but you don’t have permission to show that person’s picture? Well, here’s how to easily blur someone’s face.

(all instructions were done in PSE 5 – sorry – I don’t know other versions!)

1. select marquee tool

2. drag a box (or oval) around what you want to blur in your photo

3. select filter – pixelate – fragment (or ctrl f)

4. repeat until you get the desired level of blur

I hope that helps! Here is a layout I did using this technique!

And here’s the page I made with a blurred face.


All items below: FPD Collab July – @ FPD (later @TDC)
Papers – Chere Kaye
Glitter Paint – Kylie Clark
Bracket – Marcie Reckinger – altered with Kylie Clark’s journal spot (same kit)
Button Ribbon – Chere Kaye
Paper Knots – Chere Kaye
Frame Paper – Corina Nielsen
Ribbon Flowers – Chere Kaye

Other items:
silver glitter overlay – Shabby Princess – Sparkle Me Happy
Drop Shadows – Traci Murphy
Template – Two Sisters
alpha – Shabby Princess – Rummage Chic
alpha – Kimberly Geswein – Messy Alpha
Journal strips – Chere Kaye
Font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Mandy ( favoritest font ever!!)
Staples – Jenn Patrick – Wrong Side Staples

So I hope that teaches someone something!  And if you know a better way  – don’t laugh at mine!

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