a truly touching story

I really feel led to share this with you all. I did not know this woman, but she graduated from my high school with my younger sister (mamakimberly). I have been reading this website – mostly kept up by her husband – for the past week, since my mother sent it to me. She is a 27 year old dying of colon cancer. At this point, her family is just praying for peace in her passing. She is on her way to be with Jesus.

She has two very young daughters that she will be leaving behind. I am just asking that you pray for her little girls and her husband. Actually, for her whole family. She is a beautiful young woman, inside and out. You can tell how much she is loved by the messages from her husband. This has truly struck a chord with me because of what an amazing witness her story is. I know there are many other people out there similar situations. I am awed by his positivity and his strength in the face of losing his young wife.

Here is a link to her website if you care to take a peek. Please pray for peace and comfort for her in her final moments….

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  • Brooks Daily News

    I am following her story as well. When you posted it on SCS I went to the site and spent 2 hours reading it and just cried. I have been so touched since I read it. I can’t keep this family (that I don’t even know) out of my mind. It just kills me that these little girls will not grow up with their mommy. I think of life totaly different now that I have read her blog. We have to live like there is no tomorrow. Love on your family like today might be the last. I pray that they rest in the comfort of God’s tender mercy.

  • Thank you for sharing this Emily. This is a lesson. Gina K.

  • Lisa H

    Oh my gosh, this is so so sad. I am just bawling. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alex

    Yes I have to agree I had a really good cry, especially as I lost my mum when she wasn’t even 51 and I was only 24 (obviously a lot older than Jen’s two little girls) but oh it is just so so sad, and it realy makes me upset but I do think what Chris is doing is extremely inspiring with the blog and I am sure their family is extremely proud of them both at this very sad time in all their lives, thanks Emily for sharing this, even if it did make me bawl my eyes out this morning!!

  • Nancy

    This hits close to home… the little sister of a good friend of mine passed away in the fall from colon cancer…. one month after her 34th birthday… leaving behind 2 young boys.

    I will keep the family in my thoughts.

  • Laurie

    I am truly touched by this story. Thank you for sharing the site with us so that we can add Jen and her family to our prayers as she makes her journey to be with our Lord.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing, I went and read their story and can’t stop thinking about how easy it is to take life and what we have for granted.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me put my own life into perspective and “take me down a notch”. What an amazing young woman she is what an amazingly strong husband and soul mate she has.

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