Here’s another digi page I made this week.  Since I can’t stamp right now, at least I can make something!  Of course, with VBS and other stuff – I haven’t had much time.


 Stitched Circle Template – Lisa Whitney – Circle Stitches
Template – Emily Merritt – Adorned Template
Paper – Emily Merritt – Determined Papers @ TDC on Thursday!
Border paper – Emily Merritt – Felty Papers – recolored
Black paper – Amanda Rockwell – BIB-Fresh
Gold Glitter Overlay – Shabby Princess – sparkle me happy
Alpha (blocks) – Emily Merritt – Sparkle Blocks Bold
Alpha ( paper) – Emily Merritt – Tiny Crayon Alpha
Ribbon – Corina Nielsen – Folded Dots
Date Stamps – Amber Clegg

I love that paper!  It comes in lots of colors and was just released today!  It can be found <here> as a collection and <here>  in individual color sets.  It’s even on sale today!

I also finally got some time (I guess you could call it that…..I read til almost 5am last night! Started at about 1am….) to get out my Harry Potter book.  I read almost 400 pages last night.   I so didn’t want to put it down, but I was falling asleep.  Anyway, that’s all for today!