Ribbon Storage, Valentines, and more!

This is kind of a hodge podge post. I’ve got a few things to share with you today, so get ready! The first is that ribbon storage I have been talking about sharing. I joined a ribbon share and got 30 colors of grosgrain ribbon in 10 yard segments. I looked around and settled on this storage solution. I love how Karen did hers and it was relatively cheap with sales and coupons. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I only bought one drawer and not all my ribbon will fit. I had about 6 colors left over that wouldn’t fit in the drawer. So I either need to buy a second drawer or hurry up and use a bunch of ribbon so I can squeeze more in! Anyway, I totally needed something to fill the space that my background stamps used to fill when they were stacked up….so I put the drawer there. It’s right next to me, easy to reach and it’s really light so I can just pull it out and hold whatever I am working on right next to it to color match. Anyway, I got the drawers, the white cards and the clips at Hobby Lobby. They were all on the same aisle too.

Next I have a little valentine to share. I made this last night while I watched Scrubs with Matthew. Scrubs is only the best show on tv. It is completely our sense of humor. Anyway, here’s a card I made while we watched. I used another $1 stamp from Michael’s and Basic Grey Blush papers. I cannot get enough of the blush papers, and Recollections cannot keep them in stock! I used the mega scalloped punch for the striped Blush paper and sponged chocolate chip around the edges. I stamped the image on white cardstock, punched it out with the jumbo circle punch and sponged the edges with chocolate chip. I used markers to color the image. Then I stamped a strip of chocolate chip cardstock with paisley (in chocolate chip ink) and used the paper piercing tool to pierce along the top and bottom of the strip. I added pink organdy ribbon to that and mounted it on more Blush papers (also sponged in chocolate chip ink). Then did some more layering and voila! It’s simple, but kinda shabby chic.

The last thing is another little gift set for a friend who is going through a hard time. I used more Basic Grey Romany on this set. Just a quickie Target notebook, monogrammed post-it holder, and a beaded pen. I hope it will at least cheer her up!
And tomorrow – the beaded pen tutorial will be here!!

7 comments to Ribbon Storage, Valentines, and more!

  • bethtrue

    These are great; i’m loving your monogrammed post-it note holders! love how the monogram overlaps the scalloped circle. thanks for sharing all your great ideas!!

  • Janet

    Whoohooo! A beaded pen tutorial. I’ve read how they are made, but I’m looking forward to your pics and could you tell us where to buy the beads and what kind to buy? LOVE the colors and layout of the valentine. You make dollar stamps look like a million bucks!

  • Mandy Cheshire

    Super cute! I love how you used the scallop behind the E!

  • Allison

    Great card…and I love Scrubs too. I have got my husband all the DVDs as they have come out. That was a different episode last night, wasn’t it?

  • Vivian

    This is so pretty and sweet. I am sure it will cheer her up. 🙂

  • Edie

    Embellishment drawer??
    I have GOT to look for these!
    Thanks ENALER EM!! 🙂

    Nice set for the “E” person. You’re so sweet!

  • ooohh I love your website, Thanks for sharing your creativity!
    Did you post the beaded pen tutorial.
    I tried this method on the weekend, but it didn’t turn out so well. The beads
    keep falling off my pen, In spots most of the beads just came off.
    I am using a doubledsided (scotch brand) tape, doesn’t seem to work very well, I’ve tried using the heat gun, but it just bubbled my paper underneath.
    Would love to hear from you.

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