What did you do during the Super Bowl??

Actually, I watched it. WOOHOO COLTS! But before it started, I managed to squeeze this in. I have had these Target $1 spot mailboxes for a few weeks now, but I have not made the time to do them. I even had paper all ready to go too. Anyway, I got these two little stamps at Recollections that had a heart stamp (postage stamp) and these little postmarked looking squiggles with hearts in them. I thought they would be perfect for making a little accent for the flag. I put this together for one of the boys’ teachers for Valentine’s day. I am making them for the boys’ teachers and for my nieces. This one used Basic Grey’s Blush papers, Joann’s stamp, grosgrain ribbon, and O’So sticky tape. I think I will mod podge (under and over the papers) on the ones for my nieces – so they will be a little bit more durable. I have not decided what I will put in them, for the teachers, but I’ll let you know!
I cut the blush paper 4 x 12. I put the seam under the mailbox and used the o’so sticky tape on the edges. I held the paper against the mailbox where I wanted it and kinda smooshed it against the screw on the handle. Then I used my 1/2 inch circle punch and punched where it had left a mark on the paper. I then cut a slit from the edge to the hole so I could put the paper on and slide it over the handle. You can’t really even see it once it is all put together. I think this worked well. I used glue dots to put the ribbon around the front and back – and started on the underside so the seam would be underneath it. I’ll show some more hopefully tomorrow!

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