Color Challenge 100!!!!

Wow, it’s finally here! CC100! You can view the Color Challenge and the fantabulous prize here!

Leigh O’Brien made a gorgeous book of all the Color Challenges and it could be YOURS! Here are the two cards I did this week. I won’t go into a lot of detail today, cause I gotta get my allergy shot. But, I will review the rolling pin/cuttlebug embossing folders idea. I hate it. I tried and tried. If you want a great ab workout – go for it. But it is HARD to get a good embossed image with this method. You must really spritz your paper and push very hard. And yes, I tried getting leverage, spritzing the paper, and using a mouse pad underneath. It was just plain hard!! But I did end up with a few ok embossings.

Have a great time with these colors! And I used the Textile folder from Cuttlebug. It is not one of the newest ones, it’s been out for awhile, I think. Hope that helps!

9 comments to Color Challenge 100!!!!

  • Nancy

    Emily, your cards are gorgeous! I agree with you 100% about the rolling pin. My biggest problem, though, was drying the darn card stock! The heat tool warps the CS, and sandwiching it between 2 heavy books means it takes forever to dry. Don’t want to wait around for that when there’s a challenge to be done 🙂 My sweet DH solved the problem for me by bringing a Bug home. I love it.

  • snarflemarfle

    Those are just beautiful! I don’t have any of the In Color colors, but I will have to try this later! And I was thinking of trying the rolling pin (as soon as I bought some embossing folders) but I may rethink…

  • These are both gorgeous!! I just saw the challenge prize and it’s AWESOME!! Unfortunately, I am at work today, so I’m sure I won’t be the winner of it 🙁 COOL nonetheless. Loving that designer paper.

  • BTW…about the rolling pin!! I do have a new cuttlebug, but I ended with several duplicate folders (a long story) so I wanted to give them to my mom and sister to use with a rolling pin, so I went to try it out first, and it worked AWESOME!! It doesn’t do as deep an impression if you don’t mist it with water, however, when I misted it (not drenched it) it came out perfect…EXCEPT…it was a little wavy after it dried, but it you put it under a phone book for a while, it flatten the wave out without flattening your design! :0) It’s a good alternative if you can’t afford the Cuttlebug itself. {But I still LOVE my CB, lol}

  • Ara

    Gorgeous Cards!! I may have to try to get one in for the colour challenge…before I go away this weekend!

  • Dawn Mercedes

    I HATED the rolling pin technique too! I rolled and rolled and rolled…the images just never got as crisp as the ones I have seen come out of the Cuttlebug!

    Thanks for doing such a fun CC Challenge today!

  • This card is absolutely gorgeous!! Great job!

  • Emily… I LOVE your blog! Now that I have some free time, I’m going to be checking it out often! Thanks for your sweet comment on mine.. well, my attempt. 🙂 LOVE your work!

  • These are gorgeous, Emily! And I just love Basic Grey Blush. . . . .Ahhhh!

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