I’ve been chastised for not sharing the foot news – sorry Tex!!

Ok, here’s the dealio….I should be out of my funky shoe by now and moving it more and more every day. Not what’s happening.

At my appt, the surgeon said the leakage was due to 1 of 3 things:

1. a fluid pocket – least dangerous and most likely. Just a pocket of fluid that needs to drain. However, it shouldn’t still be doing this.

2. infection – scary, but not likely as it doesn’t really fit any of the indicators. But, it’s also not something to mess with. So he put me on an antibiotic just to be safe.

3. joint fluid leakage – this is kinda yucky. Because they opened the joint during the surgery, joint fluid could be leaking out. This isn’t too dangerous, but it will take longer to heal. Since the joint is constantly making fluid – if it is leaking out, it’ll keep leaking out. This means it will be wet and take longer to heal. So to counteract this (just in case it’s the issue) I must wear the shoe ALL the time. Except in the shower. To limit movement of the joint, causing less fluid to leak out. (Ok, I cheat and wear an ace bandage but not the yucky shoe at night – I mean, that’s been outside – I don’t want it in my sheets!!)

So, still wearing a shoe and moving it as little as possible and taking an antibiotic. I go back Thursday for another check up. Unfortunately, he said it will hurt until it closes all the way.   Good news – these all count as post-op so there’s no co-pay. Ya gotta look on the bright side, right?

And a card I made today…….this is one we will be making at Tuesday’s class. It’s a class of all kinds of different sized cards! If you live around here, I’ve still got a few slots left, lol!


(sorry the words are blurry – they aren’t in person, the camera just focused weird)

supplies: red pocket note from SU; images and sentiment from A Muse; white and celery cs; stazon; bashful blue, real red and certainly celery inks; niji waterbrush; post it for masking; polka dot organdy; and dimensionals.

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